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How to get a flame-retardant free mattress

Flame retardant chemicals list below. Studies show a mattress pad or cover does not keep you safe from the poison flame retardant applied to your families mattress or furniture (see list below). According to the Federal Register 2006 Consumer Product Safety Commission Part II, it states, “The CPSC and the EPA have left it to mattress companies as to what they may use to make a mattress fire retardant to meet regulation standards. Those chemicals present a hazard to consumers, workers and the environment to meet the standard, fire retardant would be applied inside the mattress, such as batting or barriers, ticking (cover fabric).” The report goes on to state specifically, they are aware of the potential hazards of inhaling fiberglass, boric acid, and antimony, and the risk of dying in the fire is lower than the risks of adverse health effects from exposure to fire retardant chemicals.

How to get flame retardant-free mattress

The government is aware of the hazards the American public has been exposed to and there is no regulation in place to make sure companies are using safe chemical fire retardant. Why should they when the fire retardant being used is about as poisonous as can be, anything else would be considered safe. A special yellow label was suggested to let the public know which beds were “fire retardant” in response to the new regulation, again the reply is that it’s not necessary.

It costs the government 39 hours at $44.17 an hour (the average rate of CPSC inspectors) to make sure mattress manufacturers poison each mattress. The cost of the testing is $142, 750 per company (per year) per 5 prototypes-3 mattress sets, and this cost is not being handed down to the consumer? For poisoning themselves by the purchase of what is a safer sleep?

Some manufacturers have also noted they would either have to lower the quality of materials used to make the mattress or limit their product lines to keep from passing on this added cost to consumers, others have indicated they will need to raise the prices of the beds.

The poisonous chemicals in flame retardant

The Flame Retardant chemicals being used are, antimonium trioxide AT, boric acid, decabdromodiphenyl oxide DBDPO, melamine, ammonium polyphosphate, and vinylidene chloride.

Any item that is used for sleeping, pillows, mattress pads, car seats, day beds, futons, murphy beds, playpen pads, crib and juvenile mattresses, bed clothes, quilts, roll-away bed. Stroller pad, sofa bed, chaise lounge, corner groups, crib bumper, basket pad, absorbent pads, bunk beds, carriage pad, dressing table pad, drop arm loveseat, high riser, sofa lounge, studio couch, studio divan, trundle bed, flip or sleeper chair and anything tufted has this poisonous carcinogenic flame retardant applied to it.

The dust particles in your home from flame retardant

A mattress disintegrates over time, ten years is the average lifespan. A wet mop or vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended to clean your home. Look for companies that avoid flame retardant chemicals in their products or make them yourself.

How do you know if your furniture is treated with flame retardant

If it contains polyurethane foam or has a label saying it meets California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117), then it very likely is treated with flame retardant. If it was purchased after 2006 it is treated with flame retardant.

How to get a flame retardant-free mattress (watch video)

Companies with zero flame retardant in their beds and furniture:,,,,,,,,, the,, IKEA Sultan line, (and bedding). List any others in the comments section.

When will the new flammability standard take effect, and then you will be able to buy a flame-retardant free couch

The new standard, TB117-2013, was released on February 8, 2013. The public was allowed to comment on it until March 26, 2013. Now it must be evaluated and the regulation has to be approved, then manufacturers could begin in the fall of 2013 to make new FR-free products. July 2014 would be the mandatory compliance date if the regulation is implemented.

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