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How to get fit for your wedding

Get fit for your wedding
Get fit for your wedding

Are you getting married this year? If you have a spring or summer wedding, now is the time to put together your diet and exercise program to get fit for your wedding. Of course, you're busy with organizing, dress shopping and honeymoon planning, but if you can take a few minutes to lay out a healthy plan for food and exercise you'll be able to walk down the aisle with a body that makes you proud.

What not to do if you need to lose weight

The worst thing you can do if you are a bride who needs to lose weight is to wait until the last minute and go on a fad diet to slim down. Many of these plans, like the M-Plan Diet (rumored to be Katy Perry's diet of choice) or the 3 Day Military Diet will leave your body deprived of nutrients. Who wants to look gaunt and pale in wedding photos?

Of course, you could also leave your workouts until the end, too. If you go that route, you risk the side effects of overtraining. You may end up tired, injured or sick.

The best weight loss plan for brides

If you have a few weeks to spare, go on the Best Diet Plan for Brides and use the Wedding Dress Workout Plan to get in shape for your big day. The plan is designed to give you enough time to sleep, relax and do essential wedding planning activities. You'll also get essential nutrients to keep your hair, skin and body in good shape.

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