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How to Get Drunk Enough to Enjoy Karaoke - A guide to Houston Karaoke Bars


An epidemic is sweeping Houston. What was once reserved fun for nerdy birthday parties and old folk homes is now the one of the most sought after venues. Party-goers are setting out in search of drunk laughter, out of tune intoxicated shimmies, and the occasional eerily good karaoke venues that will have them checking with the KJ. “Is this Karaoke night?”
Adult Karaoke venues come in a number of flavors. KJ’s come in a wide range of skills. Singers come in a variety of skill levels. One thing, however, is forever constant. The booze. Is it that the booze bolsters the nerves and raise the performance bar or is it that the drunker the crowd, the less they care?….eh maybe a bit of both.

Regardless, a bottle in your hand or a pitcher on your table is the best way to enjoy this unique form of entertainment. How much of the hard stuff you need, depends on the caliber of the show. Over the next few weeks, additional details regarding shows, KJ’s, bar caliber, and talent with be forth coming. In the meantime, below you will find a few pieces of information that should help you start your journey into the rapidly expanding world of Karaoke. Take notes if you have to and  study carefully. Know what you are getting yourself into.  Take a few chances.  Most of all, heed a little advice on how much you might need to drink to guarntee the time of your life.

Simple Guide Beer Bar Karaoke

Belly up to a bar and order a bud light, or two. The scenery in this joint, the 20 something hotties singing “I touch myself” and doing exactly that, will make up for the six renditions of “Before he cheats” more than a bottle of whiskey would. Be aware, however, if you want to take one of those hotties home at the end of the night, buying her a beer probably won’t cut it.   Break out the patron.

Lets face it, buying bottles is going to get to expensive. True, a bucket of beer might occasionally be on special and rattling the empties might drown out the occasional tough to swallow tune, but a pitcher is usually the way to go. On the bright side of these venues, you may find some golden karaoke nuggets shining between the double vision and the KJ will always remember your name. Just be sure to take a sober buddy with you.  Its always best to have a sober check  to be sure that nuggets voice isn’t the only thing about her that’s palatable.

The ambiance of this joint makes up for the endless stream of poorly performed Journey, David Allen Coe, and Garth Brooks. Order a martini, you won’t be out of place. The quality of the sound system will likely make anyone sound tolerable and there will be quite a collection of well dressed ladies and gentlemen.  You won't likely run into a bar fight and those "thingys" in the bouncers ears aren't ear plugs; their radios.  Three words of advice: check for a white line, ring finger, left hand, wear real shoes and shirt a collar, and choose something from the buzz.

Anything above 80 proof will be required. This bar has plenty of shot specials and you’ll need them. Drink them, wash your hands with them, or sterilize you bar stool before you sit down. This place is a dive. Don’t be so quick to overlook the charm of the local dive. The ladies that work here are H.O.T, the drinks are more than affordable, the locals are almost always friendly to strangers (they don’t always like each other though), you’ll be surrounded by unusually good karaoke singers, and the KJ’s are undeniably the most colorful characters you will ever meet. Have a shot, or two, or three, and soon you won’t care the girl beside you has no teeth. 

Outer loop NW


Karaoke Night BFE Rock Club


Karaoke Night Royce's Sports Bar

Karaoke Night Texas Rock Tavern

Baker St. Willow Brook


Ladie's Karaoke Night With Orly Abbey Pub


Extreme Karaoke With Donovan Pennison's (Copperfield)

Karaoke Night Abbey Pub

Karaoke Night My Bar

First Friday of every month

Open Mic Night The Satellite Room

Third Friday of every month

Open Mic Night The Satellite Room

Tuesday and Sunday

Karaoke Night Mike's Ultimate Sports Bar

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Karaoke Night With Tiff & The Rev Uncle Albert's Pub

    Friday and Saturday 


Rogues on 529

Clear Lake


Live Rock Band Karaoke With Shinolah Sherlock's Baker St. Pub Clear Lake


Karaoke Night Outpost Tavern


Lucky Kat Karaoke Sherlock's Baker St. Pub Clear Lake


Wednesday and Friday

Karaoke With Twister Entertainment Tut's Bar & Grill


Friday and Saturday

Karaoke Night Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar

Last Friday of Every Month

Sammy's Live Band Karaoke



Karaoke Night With DJ Jason The Concert Pub


Karaoke Outback Pub


Karaoke Vito's Deck House



Karaoke Bubba's Sports Bar & Grill


Karaoke Night The Corkscrew

Karaoke Night The Usual


Lower Shephard/Kirby


Karaoke Night Guava Lamp


Karaoke Night Azteca's Margarita Bar and Grill


Extreme Karaoke The Mezzanine Lounge

Karaoke Night With Monica Azteca's Margarita Bar and Grill

Karaoke With Toddicus Guava Lamp


Ultimate Karaoke Azteca's Margarita Bar and Grill



Karaoke Night Chances

Outer loop SE


Karaoke Julian's Sports Bar

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Karaoke Night with DJ Suicide The Nutty Bar

Outer Loop SW


Karaoke Night Sherlock's Pub Westheimer


Karaoke Night Ashford Arms Pub


karaoke-a-Gogo Jack's For Cocktails


Karaoke Night With The Llama Nick's Sports Bar


Karaoke Night with DJ Dave Bull & Bear Tavern And Eatery

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Karaoke Night Big John's Sports Bar & Grill



Outside Houston


Karaoke with Charlie Smith Rendezvous Club


Karaoke Night With Mama Cass Head's 'N Tails Bar & Grill


Extreme Karaoke Baker St. Pub & Grill Sugar Land

Jager Karaoke With DJ Greg Rookies Sports Bar and Grill


Karaoke Night Baker St. Pub & Grill Woodlands


Karaoke Kicks Club

Karaoke Night Rock Wine & Blues

Karaoke Night With Jeremy Saucier Chantilly Room


Karaoke Night Pennison's (Sugar Land)

Karaoke With Sergio G. R & R Sports Bar Friendswood


Cliff's Karaoke Brigade Ronnie's Ice House

Monday and Sunday

Karaoke Night Mo's Place


Karaoke Night Baker St. Pub & Grill Katy


Tuesday and Wednesday

Melody's Mobile Music Karaoke R & R Sports Bar

Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

Karaoke Da Pub



Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Bourbon Street Mason

Tuesday and Thursday

End Zone West

Wednesday and Saturday

Al’s  Sports Bar West


River Oaks


Live Band Karaoke at Sherlocks River Oaks


  • LisaLou 5 years ago

    Awesome article! And so very true!!

  • Vicky S. 5 years ago

    I don't think there are enough drinks in the bar to get me to go up on stage. I love watching though!

  • Teri Thackston 5 years ago

    The best karaoke show in town is at the Pour House (I45 North at FM 1960) on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Check out the Jet Man karaoke groupies.
    Teri Thackston
    Houston Romance Novels Examiner

  • Amy 5 years ago

    Thanks Teri, I'll add it to the list : )

  • Annette D. 5 years ago

    Great article!
    Liquid courage, as we called it when I frequented Al's and Jumps Karaoke.

  • Elaine 5 years ago

    Good read, Amy - keep 'em coming!

  • JusTen 5 years ago

    Amy, you need to add Reno's to the outer loop / clear lake area. It has karaoke 7 days a week as it a 24/7 karaoke bar.

  • Darla Guyton 5 years ago

    Good read Amy!

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