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How To Get Approached By Men

Here are some pointers to help you get approached by men. You never know, Mr. Right might just be one of them!

Look your best. I've spoken about this before, and how important it is in the dating game. Looks are much more important to men than many women assume. While it's true men have different types, they all want something (or someone) that looks good! Looking your best means accentuating your best features. It doesn't mean being perfect, it just means doing what YOU can to put forward your best self (psychical and otherwise!). Dress in clothes that accentuate your best features. Wear your best colors. Wear makeup. Stay away from wearing rings on your finger, it confuses men. You don't have to wear super tight, short clothes to get the attention of a man. This might work to turning off many men who prefer a slightly more conservative look on women. Remember, you can still look sexy without bearing all. Keep your outfit in good taste. Men might oogle you if you are wearing something very short and showing lots of cleavage, but they may also decide you're a "good for now" girl, instead of seeing you for who you truly are--someone who wants more than a one night stand. Of course if that's what you're looking for, dress as revealing as you'd like. But remember, once you're placed in the "good for now" category, it's nearly impossible to move out of it. It becomes embedded in a man's neurons, instantly. Stressing the importance of looks is in no way meant to discourage you, it is meant to help you get real about the dating world, and to encourage you to do what you can to improve yourself (not just psychically but on all levels) to attract more men to you, specifically Mr. Right.

Be receptive and smile! Body language is important, but all you need to remember is to use your smile. And try your best to walk straight (no slumping or hunching ladies!). You don't need to do all these intricate body language moves that some authors/dating coaches advise to attract a man (ie: look his way, then look away, then bite your lower lip, etc.) You don't need to do any of this. Don't complicate things for yourself. It's simple! Anyone who tells you otherwise is complicating things for no good reason. If a man finds you attractive, if you're his type, if he's interested, he will approach you. You don't have to do anything, except be receptive, smile and look like you're having a good time. (Oh and it helps to follow the rest of the advice here too.)

Work the room alone or with one other friend. Men find it harder to approach women in groups. They find it intimidating. What if you reject him? Then he'll feel humiliated in front of all those girls! If you are out with a big group of girls, excuse yourself (alone or bring along a friend) and go for a walk. Do so periodically.

Spend 10 minutes talking to each man. Don't spend the entire night talking to one man. Circulate the room. You don't want him to get bored, and you also want to give yourself the chance to meet other people (even if he's the hottest male there! You just never know where your Mr. Right is). If he is into you and he hasn't asked you for your number by the time you excuse yourself, he will search the crowded room for you again to offer to buy you a drink, talk to you some more, ask you to dance and finally (if he wants to see you again) to ask for your number. Don't worry he will assume you're not interested. If you were smiling and accepted what it is he offered you (a drink, water) then he will know you are receptive to him. If you're not interested, take the introduction, say hi, bye and sweetly excuse yourself. Keep it moving.

Don't take his business card or his number. Give him your number if he asks you for it. This is very important. My book covers this in detail. Remember, how you start this relationship determines how it ends. Save yourself unnecessary pain and heartache and don't assume a man is interested if he offers you his number. He might do it all the time to all the women he meets. And there are other men who are not doing it to insult you or to blow you off, but are used to it because other women have always accepted it, and they think that doing so will make you feel more comfortable. Either way, tell him "I'd love to, but I am so bad at calling people," and let him take your number.

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