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How to Get A-List Lashes

Zooey Deschanel rocked long lashes at the Golden Globe Awards

Awards Schmawards. (That’s a word – right?) Last night all eyes were on the beauty looks worn by some of Hollywood’s biggest names. But as any celebrity knows, your face is downright naked without long, flirtatious lashes.

"Lashes allow for an instant way to add femininity, youth and glamour to any look, on every woman," says celebrity makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle.

Here, he shares his top tips using KISS Looks So Natural Lashes to get this look at home:

  • Bend lashes pre-application to make them more flexible and fit on the arch of you lid by bowing them (like a bow and arrow not tie a bow)
  • Trim band to fit - lay lash on eye and cut the end of the lash to custom fit the shape for a tailored fit
  • Apply lashes after liner and shadow to prevent a bare spot from natural lash line to applied KISS Looks So Natural Lashes
  • Use mascara after lash glue is dry to magnify the look in flash photography settings for camera ready glamour
  • For a more wide eyed look, custom trim the lashes by applying a shorter lash length than your natural lash eyelid line
  • DIY tip to apply lashes: Hand should be above eyelid (elbow extended up and out). Looking down, hold lashes in the center and apply.

After all, who says there needs to be a red carpet for A-list style?

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