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How to get a Great Wax


About to hit the salon for a quick wax and go? Terrified that that there could be pain and agony? Before hitting the Jacuzzi, pool or bedroom follow the tried and true advice given here by Tanya Lisitsa, the founder of The Wax Shop located in California and have a better than usual experience.

Seek a professional- Before laying yourself bare make sure that the individual administering the wax is certified and specializes in hair removal. You don’t want the person that just did your mani or pedi who may not have a clue what bees wax means, slapping hot wax on your most delicate skin unless they have been trained. Check the wall, usually there is a plaque listing what he or she is qualified to do.

Keep it clean- Your service professional should wear gloves and disinfect the area that they are planning on working on. No need to come away from your session with an infection or an increased risk of developing ingrown hairs. Some places also apply an antibiotic cream after. “Unlike many salons we double cleanse and do all [hair] extractions without trying to up sell products,” says Lisitsa.

All about the application- Your muscles and skin should be held with one hand while the wax is pulled with the grain. Many salons just rip it off, without holding the skin in place and that not only can cause discomfort but can tear the skin as well. No need to bleed for the sake of smooth skin. If it gets too uncomfortable have no fear in saying that you want to leave.

Going Natural- Does that mean that you are leaving it all there or going totally bare down there? No! It means that you should choose a place that uses high quality, pure, organic wax which is softer, more comfortable and leaves no residue, says Lisitsa. At the very least make sure that they are using a product that is specifically made for sensitive skin.

The Day after- Skip the pool and Jacuzzi the day of and after, chlorine can irritate the skin. Now enjoy beautiful smooth skin!

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