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How to get a free hotel room upgrade? Hints for getting the best room.

We all what the best room, but sometimes we have to settle for the one our budget can afford. However, there is still ways to tilt the balance in your favor:

1-Do your homework on the location (where is the hotel in relation to attractions, sea, types of rooms,    amenities)
2-Early reservations give you access to a wider variety of rooms
3-Booking through a travel agency can make it simpler to spot the best room, just ask for it. Agents are usually knowledgeable enough to locate it.
4-Avoid the area close to the elevators or above the kitchen
5-Ask your referent for specific room numbers or floors to target or avoid
6-Dress nicely when you check in, you can always get breakfast in your shorts the next morning (same applies to plane upgrades)
7-It’s easier to get upgrade as a single than a family
8-Single rooms are often in demand, and renouncing your single to sleep by yourself in a huge king size bed might get you into a higher grade
9-Before unpacking, check your room. View, cleanliness, sheets, shower, noises, neighbors: any worries, tell the reception
10-Smile, stay calm, and show gratitude whatever the outcome of your request, you can always volunteer to be swapped during your stay if the occasion arises.


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