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How to get a deal on CAD software and services

When non-technical people see the word “CAD” they might not realize that the term doesn’t refer to a “cad” or rude person, but stands for the computer-aided design (CAD) technology that plenty of engineers and designers use to create two- or three-dimensional drafts of objects such as buildings, airplanes, furniture or much more. For example, one middle school teacher I know used the AutoCAD software to teach his 7th-grade students how to design their own miniature soapbox cars that they then created and sanded from wood in real life.

One look at the price of that AutoCAD software, however, and you’ll realize why it sends people searching online for a better deal than the nearly $10,000 price tag of the “AutoCAD LT 2015 – 10-user pack” of software by AutoDesk. Previous articles published on Examiner about AutoCAD deals and coupon codes proved more popular than initially anticipated – but unfortunately, those sales seem few and far between. To become alerted to those types of new pages on Amazon, set up a new “Google Alerts” entry. You can do that by visiting and then choosing “Create a New Alert” where shown. Next, copy and paste this text exactly as it is into the “Search query” box:


Make sure your result type is listed as “everything,” and also choose “all results” from the “how many” dropdown box. Additionally, set the frequency of how often you’d like to receive these updates to only once per day if you don’t want to be inundated with too many emails delivered to the email address you’ve entered. This way, you’ll receive daily updates about all things AutoCAD – such as books, software pages, etc. – but every blue moon you’ll also get an update about any new coupon codes or deals on the software that you can take advantage of.

Outsourcing your CAD needs via IndiaCADworks

Perhaps you’re a whiz at the mental and visual design creation process, but trying to learn software to push your dreams into fruition is the equivalent of trying to learn the derivatives lessons in differential calculus that you hated in college. In that case – or even in the case whereby you love CAD software but don’t have the time to use it – consider outsourcing your work to places like IndiaCADworks, CAD drafting and designing experts that use computer software to create, modify and optimize that design that you’ve desired to come to life.

We all know that offshore resources can make for very valuable investments at lower costs, a win-win solution in many fields of industry. By outsourcing CAD services to people who are knowledgeable about meeting the CAD standards for nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and beyond, you could be realizing a tremendous savings on your CAD software design needs in the long haul, instead of trying to take the project into your own inept or too-busy hands.

Whichever solution you choose to garner a good deal on your computer-aided design needs, go forth and make something great!

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