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How to Get 6 Pack Abs

6 pack abs
Richard Foster

So you have those love handles sticking out from all the wintertime and holiday foods combined with decreased physical activity that have not been shed yet? Or maybe you have those extra "layers" of lard hanging over your waist that you want to reduce. Whether you want to build a lean, sculpted, toned, and defined abdominal region for summer this season, or just want to flatten the fat off of the belly, here are 5 tips that can work wonders with shrinking your waist:

1. Increase Protein

Getting a 6 pack requires several key changes in your overall approach to fitness, one of the foremost being an increase in protein in your diet. The key is to stick with the lean protein that does not carry extra fat, such as chicken, fish, skim milk, fat free whey, egg whites, and turkey.

This protein is not only good for your overall health, it is also necessary to build and tone the muscles in the abs once you do the exercises. If you lack sufficient protein in the diet, the abs cannot transform and define themselves.

2. Increase Resistance Exercise

You will need to add lean muscle to your body all over (not just the abs) if you want to flatten your belly or build a 6 pack. Lean muscle is a natural fat burner at rest, as it increases your metabolism.

So what you need to do is build up the entire body through a weight training/resistance training program. Focus mainly on large muscle group training like the Legs, Back, and Chest, as these are the best areas to add muscle and the best muscles to maximize calorie burning during a workout session.

3. Stack Your Diet With Vegetables (Especially Greens)

You will need to convert your diet into one that is comprised of a majority of vegetables, especially green vegetables like broccoli. These vegetables contain no fat, no sugar, are high in fiber, and are extremely low in calories, yet are able to aid in sateity (stomach feeling of fullness).

As a result, you will naturally lower your total daily calorie intake, burn more fat, and improve overall health and energy while simultaneously cutting out any unnecessary and unhealthy sugars, high glycemic carbs, and extra overall calories that limit most people from ever seeing their abs flatten.

4. Run More (Jogging Works)

Walking is good for you and healthier than not doing any cardio at all, but running burns twice as many calories, increases your metabolic rate more, and therefore burns more fat. So if you really want to get a 6 pack and see your abs, you have to increase your jogging or running.

The easiest way to do so if you are not a habitual runner is to find a nice park or track in your area that is suitable for at least a 3 mile run, buy a new pair of running shoes, and set a schedule. You can start out by doing intervals if you are new to it. For example, you can run 1 mile, walk 1 mile, etc...

But whatever you do, if you really want to see that six pack, running, in combination with the rest of these guidelines is a must and will allow you to see more rapid results.

5. Do the Right Exercises

Some exercises that seem conventional like sit ups and crunches do very little to "isolate" the abs the way needed in order to develop the definition of a 6 pack. They wind up relying too heavily on the lower back and hip flexors to work. In addition, they do not hit the lower portion of the abs at all, which is the key to getting a 6 pack.

You must incorporate the most effective abdominal exercises to increase the muscle tone and definition in order to see the 6 pack. A few of these include leg raises, bicycles, and planks, but there are many more. In addition, you must be able to have the correct program structure (i.e. days per week, time off for recovery, sets, reps, weight, variation, and tempo) that changes the variables in your workouts so that your abs don't plateau in their changing and continue to define and develop.

6. Hire a Trainer

The real difference between seeing your abs flatten out, getting a 6 pack or not, is taking your body through a workout that pushes the muscles to the max.

Make sure you get a good trainer that can push you, who has a 6 pack themselves, and knowledge of how to sculpt the abs. Focus the majority of your one on one training sessions on sculpting the abs.

You can also let them take you through high intensity calorie burning exercises and routines to speed up the overall muscle growth, weight loss, and body fat loss. A trainer will also show you the best and most effective exercises to do for a 6 pack, keep you accountable on your running, diets, and results, and track your progress each week as you strive to sculpt the abs of your life!

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