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How to Flatter Your Current Figure without Working Out: Wear Herve Leger!

Max Azria moves in a hipper direction with figure-flattering Herve Leger.
Max Azria moves in a hipper direction with figure-flattering Herve Leger.
Max Azria

Those in Hollywood have dubbed it the "Bandage Dress".  Others know it as the "Body-Con" or "Body Conscious" dress.  But what most don't know is the fashion forward dress, which in the fashion world is known as Herve Leger, has been around since 1985!  The dress is created using materials typically found in foundational pieces within the female wardrobe.  The idea is that these materials work with the body to mold and shape the woman's current figure with bandage-like strips, hence the nickname:  "Bandage Dress".  The dress is consistently being worn by celebrity fans including Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Gabrielle Union, and even Sharon Stone.  However, the popularity doesn't quite end there.  Located in Beverly Hills, California, on the esteemed Rodeo Drive, is one boutique dedicated to Herve Leger dresses, displayed in a multitude of styles, shapes, and colors (even purple). 

The question then becomes where can the women in Michigan find these must have dresses?  The answer is entirely too easy.  Travel to Troy, Michigan, on Big Beaver Road, to the Somerset Collection.  Once there, locate the Max Azria boutique and poof--leave all of your body image worries in the dressing room, with the jeans and t-shirt.  Forget caution when walking to the three-way mirror, strut your stuff!  If the lovely ladies in the spotlight can wear them from age 20-50 and beyond, so can you!  No longer will the average woman have to worry about that little bulge again.  Throw away the body conscious feelings with the Body-Con!