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How to fix the VA healthcare system

We will explain how to fix the VA in short order in this article. First, here is what we should understand by now. The Pilgrims learned and fixed a similar problem. Also every form of socialism possible has been tried over the last 300 years or so in this country. There were dozens of experiments that were known about even in Europe. There were some experimental towns where everybody owned every thing, including the husband, wives and children, all owned each other. All these failed for some fundament reasons. The Pilgrims found that to get the best out of people them must know that it is up to them as individuals to fail or succeed. They reached back into the Bible which they realized they had drifted away from in the name of compassion. They ended up with neither compassion nor did they benefit at all. So they totally changed the system to rugged individualism. This is how to do the same for the VA, making it dynamic and self fixing.

(A) Take all monies for treatments and put it in the hand of the veterans as private medical accounts.
1. They can spend it wherever they want for their healthcare.
2. a portion saved by prudence can be kept by the Vet and even passed down to their children.
(B) They must compete with private and religious hospitals for service delivered and cost.

(C) Regulations should be reduced on the VA and all hospitals to equal whatever doctors say is best for the patient. New processes and theories should be up to the individual doctors with exact punishments reserved for the reckless.
(D) The Feds should assist the hospital. All records should be attached to a number and available without names to the feds. They will need a judge to learn which patient to whom that record belongs.
1. The Feds will respond to the individual about all complaints and will investigate.
2. The Feds will visit the patient and see to it that the patient and family are made whole according to the military code of ethics.

(E) Everyone’s work and employment will be based upon knowledge and performance. If this is impossible because of unionization, this alone will gradually put the union and the VA hospital at a competitive disadvantage.
(F) Any VA hospital not up to standard can be purchased by a private concern that can illustrate by past performance that they can do a better Job.
1 The Purchaser can keep the Union or not, as they se fit.

(G) Repeal Obamacare in2016. (Which would help the over all system)

By doing this, everyone will have power. There is no bureaucracy to overcome. There will be competition that requires all hospitals to be the best and most efficient. The Hospitals that deliver the best services will thrive and take over the others. Innovation will once again be a big aim that advances medical services and not fitting into all the regulation. I explained this in 2008 and again in 2012.

Why good things happen to bad people?

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