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Body Health
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Certain massage techniques were especially created for your fascia system. The fascia, or myofascial system, is a single web of connective tissue that holds all of your various structures of the body in position. Let’s repeat; your fascia, or myofascial system, is a single intricate web of connective tissue that holds all of your various structures of the body in position: which include the muscles, organs, glands, bones, and even the nervous system. Yes, even your nervous system.

You have reasons to receive a myofascial release massage or get craniosacral therapy since the myofascial system helps hold the human body together; the myofascial system influences you and your body so these sorts of treatments can be necessary to your vitality and health. When the myofascial system is healthy then it’s soft and fluid, and helps to support proper posture and a balanced nervous system, and brings forth optimal health of the organs, muscles, and glands.

Over time, the body trauma, injuries, and repeated poor body positions and motions restrict the body, and reinforce poor posture and pain patterns- as well as restrict the body’s natural fluid movements. The single connected intricate system will create a big problem for you if one area is damaged; one damaged area has a high potential to create problems in other areas so you definitely want to protect it.

If restrictions in the body are occurring from an unhealthy myofascial system then there’s tension and pulling that’s occurring in the body from the myofascial connective tissue itself. Some restrictions are quite subtle but others are so dramatic that they cause deformity to the body- which create other problems like a decrease in the functioning of organs and glands, and an imbalance within the craniosacral and nervous system.

It’s one system that has the ability to affect the whole body, so it’s vital that the fascia system is balanced and free of restrictions in order for the body to maintain its health. Certain techniques have to come with the myofascial release massage in order to help identify all the various restrictions in the myofascial system; the release techniques help to identify various restrictions in the myofascial system and to gently release them. As the fascia system is restored, the natural fluid is moving back into the fascia and helping to bring an improved optimal state of health to the whole body- with effects of pain reduction, improved posture and alignment, and more energy.

Each session may be different, because since its prime focus is to work on restrictions that are most prominent at that particular time, a different part of your body may be worked on for each treatment session. Each session is meant to release some part of your body, as it builds on earlier sessions. Depending on what your body needs, the myofascial release massage or the craniosacral therapy will do the job in healing the body.

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