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How to fix camping in Black Ops

The crossbow is just one new weapon in Black Ops.
The crossbow is just one new weapon in Black Ops.

Have you ever been killed in a Call of Duty game only to watch the kill cam and see that the other player was sitting there, hiding in a corner, with his gun trained on the door waiting for someone to walk through? This can be frustrating because that player probably isn't better than you. He didn't deserve that kill. Worst of all, how on earth is he having fun doing that?!

It is no secret that camping is running rampant in the Call of Duty community. Whether it be Modern Warfare, World at War, or Modern Warfare 2, campers have infested all of them. Modern Warfare 2 may be the worst, however, simply because of all the tools campers were given by Infinity Ward such as the scavenger perk, heartbeat sensors, and the various killstreaks to aim for (thus enticing camping).

You might argue that campers are part of the game but they don't have to be. Camping is a problem. It ruins the game for a lot of players who otherwise would really like playing online. Camping isn't even fun for the person doing it. Sitting there watching a door for five minutes is boring. When you are more concerned about your stats in a video game rather than actually having fun, there is something wrong. Based on the track record of the series, when Black Ops releases November 9th, it is not going to be any different than the others. Considering the setting of the game is largely based in the jungles of Vietnam, campers are going to have a field day hiding in the shrubs!

In a Modern Warfare 2 commentary video published yesterday, Youtube personality El Presador came up with an excellent idea on how camping could be eliminated from Black Ops. Take out the stats and remove out the leaderboards. When stats aren't tracked, people have no reason to camp. Nobody will ever know if you have a 2.0 k/d ratio or a 0.2 k/d ratio. It won't matter! This would ultimately make the game much more fun to play for everybody because players won't be constantly worried about their stats and how "good" they look to their friends on the leaderboards. People would actually play the game to have fun, not to boost some imaginary stats.

Take Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 for example. This game does not really track stats like total kills or k/d ratio (it only keeps your all-time best "records"). Is it any coincidence that there is very little camping in Team Fortress 2? Sure there are engineers that "tank" sentry guns by ducking behind them to repair in the heat of battle but this is a viable strategy for that class. That is what engineers are supposed to do. You never see anybody hiding in corners and watching doors to get cheap kills, though.

So why can't Black Ops follow this method? Sure stats are cool to look at and being able to track your medals and stuff on is one reason why the Halo franchise became so popular. A realistic game like Call of Duty just doesn't fit this style. The camping has gotten out of control and something needs to be done. This idea seems like it would work as a solution. As El Presador is so found of saying in his commentaries, "When you camp you aren't playing the game, the game is playing you!"

Click here to check out El Presador's Youtube channel (NSFW).


  • suggestion giver 4 years ago

    Activision should do what they did way back when on Soldier of Fortune 2 and if people camp for periods of time (eg 15 seconds) their guns got removed and they became a target dummy until they were killed! it always stopped people doing it then!

  • Jared 4 years ago

    Your definition of "camping" may apply to a gametype such as Team Deathmatch. But if you are playing CTF, it is essential to have at least 1 or 2 people defend, and being hidden in a corner with your sights fixed on an area where the enemy comes through 95% of the time is a good idea to keep the other team from taking the flag. Camping is annoying at times, but I've learned the most commonly used "camping spots" and check them while remaining hidden before I move up (Randomly sprinting in wide open areas like a noob)

  • Jared 4 years ago

    P.S. If your killcam shows you getting killed by a camper, guess what, you know exactly where he is. So go back and kill him, it's simple. The killcam prevents people from being able to successfully camp if you pay attention to it.

  • mick 4 years ago

    it doesn;t actually prevent them from doing it

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    all i hear is just a bunch of whining by run-an-gunners, camping is a perfectly legitimate tactic, wanting it removed because campers keep killing you just shows your a sore loser. speak for yourself when you say its boring, no stats wouldn't stop me as there is nothing better than taking out run n gunners who aren't aware of tactics who then cry like a bitch cause they get shot. this article is a fail, CAMPING FTW

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Stupid idiot. FTW?! You're so pathetic... Just because you dont know how to use the left stick you have become one of these retards that think they are pwning everyone by spawncamping and doorguarding. - just stop playing the game, please. And then burn in hell, wannabe progam0r.

    Tactics... You wouldnt even know what this is even if it bites you ass.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    and the whining begins LMAO, remember to check your corners sucker.
    "Tactics... You wouldnt even know what this is even if it bites you ass." coming from a guy who probably gets killed by campers all the time cause ya use the left stick like a retard. you should just sit in the corner like a good little girl and let the grownups play.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    all i hear is just a bunch of whining by camping, run-an-gunners is a perfectly legitimate tactic, wanting it removed because run-an-gunners keep killing you just shows your a sore loser. speak for yourself when you say its retarded, no stats wouldn't stop me as there is nothing better than taking out campers who aren't aware of tactics who then cry like a bitch cause they get shot. this article is epic, RUN-AND-GUN FTW

  • cmojorising125 3 years ago

    Camping in core modes is perfectly legitimate. Hardcore modes is something else all together. It should be for those that do utilize the game to it's fullest. If you sit in a corner and totally remove the need for the left stick then you're taking an easier route than someone increasing the difficulty by moving, aiming and shooting. Camping is easier, there's no arguement in that. It's why so many do it. They lack the control needed to operate while moving. Ask a run and gunner to camp and he can be just as proficient as any camper. But ask a camper to run and gun and the majority of the time they fail miserably and revert back to what they know is easier. Taking away stats is not an answer though. Let the campers camp in core. Core by design is meant for less skill. Added hud, aim assist, kill cams all reduce the skill needed. But hardcore is a totally different story. Instead institute a 90% damage reduction on all weapons except sniper rifles in hardcore. (Yes, you snipers need some love.) This ends the whining on both sides.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Campers are chicken-sh_ts, end of story

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    According to the English dictionary, camping is defined as "Lounging in the wilderness for a prolonged period of time." So why am I getting called a word, whose defintion is completley irrelevant to playing a video game? Its called "playing defensivley" ladies and gentlemen. People who complain about this need to learn to use logical reasoning before attempting to argue. PLAYING DEFENSIVLEY FTW!!

  • maui 3 years ago

    go **** your self all you campers. watching my games and than watchn the enemy's game play made me fall asleep. its more rewarding to get a 38.0 kdr while running and gunning than sitting my ass in the bushes waiting for someone to run by me.or pop there head out the corner. as it was said.campers should stay in core. in fact i wish there was just an all camping lobby. everyone is running ghost pro and hidding. just because u suck when ur moving doesn;t mean u have to be a ***** and hide. but i guess thats what you do in real life any ways right.someone approaches u in a fight and you just duck and hide behind your mommy.

  • Ludio 3 years ago

    Everyone, even those who hate it, knows that camping is a legitimate style of play. We know because we can see that every map is designed for various styles of gameplay, including camping. It can be annoying to be killed by a camper over and over again, but this should encourage us to adapt and improve; it's a challenge. The people who complain about campers are those who aren't good enough to overcome them. If a map has a hotspot where people head for, a place where kills are guaranteed, why would I go where they are not? If the enemy team is running around the map like lunatics, why would I do the same? It is tactically stupid. It is wiser is to wait for them. If I have an objective to protect, why would I leave it, when the right way to defend it is to camp?