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“Fixing All of America”

Moses, master of the Law makers
by realityblogerDOTwordpressDOTcom

Government has never fixed a society in and of itself. It has always been subject to the minds and hearts of those who are doing the governing. Moses, a pictorial of whom is located at our Supreme Court experienced the truth, after God shouted down the Commandments from the mountain; you can have the greatest rules of living possible and the heart of man will screw it up. First God being the king of Israel, the people being free to do good or evil: if they did right YHVH would bless them in all things. But they wanted to do what was right in their own eyes and wanted to imitate the nations of world, curtail their freedom and make a man their king on earth. God told the prophet Samuel, give them what they want. “They are rejecting me and not you.” The new human king had to take their money and keep them in line by force and often at his own whim. This Method lasted until the rise of the United States of America. The Founders realizing the flaws in government throughout history, created an inspired method on which to return governance legally back to God without forcing anyone or allowing anyone to take God’s place, whether they believe he existed or not. They did this by declaring all rights come from nature’s God; understanding that nature and provable science actually says the same as revelation about those things that can be seen or logically articulated. It set us up a way for the people to fix anything by adhering to natural law truth. That truth might come slow, fast or even hard. So, what is it that will fix any community?

A nation or community which keeps the 10 Commandments will be wonderfully prosperous. What if someone does not believe in one of the commands; let’s say the Sabbath for instance? Well as long as you can do the other 9, be he religious or not, you will have a relatively peaceful society. What if some one bows to idols? As long as they honor their parents, do not steal, commit murder, bear false witness, mess with someone else’s husband or wife, nor covet anything that belong their neighbor; you have a foundation on which to allow the debate of ideas to convince each other of anything that makes sense. That’s it, just these very simple principles.

The community that instills this in their offspring will eventually be the cream of the crop. One of the reasons the world has hated Jews for hundreds of years is they do these things and rise to the top of societies; NOT what the anti Semitic conspiracy theorists say. If they were right, the Messiah would not be coming back to set the Jews of the flesh as the teachers of the rest of the world. Also in these last days as Jacob predicted to Joseph, while in Egypt, the spiritual nations of Ephraim and Manassas would become colonial nations and ONE single great nation. They would become the ones that would control the major land and sea routes and control the wealth of the world in the last days. Then they would suffer persecution by infiltrators and others that do not have the love of YHVH. This is exactly what has happened in history. It is the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is the great tribulation and will come primarily upon Christianized nations and areas of the world.

This has been a quick summary of history and a very brief explanation of what will fix all societies. Run it through your mind. If at all times we had kept the 10 commandments, would there have been a civil war? No. Would there have been a need for a world war 1 and 2. Yes, there very well could have been since I am only talking about this nation turning to God’s truth; but as happened we would always come up on top. 3. Would there have been a Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown? No and 10s of thousands of others would still be alive. Millions of babies would be alive along with their children and America would likely not be worried about who would be paying into social security. 4. Would there be a bunch of uneducated criminals? No. The sort of discipline it takes to only do the last 6 of the 10 Commandments dealing with your neighbor makes it impossible that you would not spend that time learning. Witness the purely human discipline of Orientals who come to this country. They are kicking everyone’s butt in that matter. We could go on and on, this would transform our society and we would not have all but lost whole communities. What person can logically disagree with the last 6 commandment alone? They are already in our laws. Now I know the world will not accept this clear understanding God has given us. So here is a solution to help bring it to pass. There is NO reason that Christians cannot create a “Be Fixed” community in which we are willing to help teach and train each other. Anyone participating must be willing to hear all the 10 Commandments of YHVH and willing to teach anyone coming to them; if they accept the last 6. Those six which are basically about how we treat each other are already in law, in some form or fashion. We must stay away from any form of government involvement.

They could be both an online and in the communities, the place to come and be healed. There are people old and young that would love to share some of their time to assist people trying to learn and acquire the skills and experience to help themselves and pay it forward. In this manner we begin to eliminate every obstacle. We could do more in 1 year than has been done the last 50 years concerning race relations, upward mobility of all the poor families regardless of race; get back to the original foundations of this country while being a much brighter light to the world. A city set upon the hill of truth and effectiveness cannot be hidden.

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