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How to Fix a Relationship With an Ex

So you and your ex have recently rekindled. You started talking and you want things over. Here are ways to get over the rough patch that you went through and work things out if you want to.

First talk things out. Talk about what went wrong and how you feel about the situation and each other. If you want to give it a go or at least be friends than being open and honest with each other is the best thing to do. Honesty and communication are also essential to having a healthy and loving relationship.

Next try being friend first. Sometimes people rush into a relationship and that's where things fall apart. They don't really get to know each other. When you are friends first you build trust and you feel comfortable around each other. Trust is another important factor in a relationship. If you do not have trust in a relationship you do not have a relationship.

Give things time. When someone hurt you once, they are most likely to hurt you again. Be on guard because people do change but it could be rare. Go back into the relationship when both of you want to give it another try and you can honestly say that this person loves you and won't hurt you.

What is meant to be will be. There is love out there for everyone and it is all about timing. Sometimes relationships do work out the second time around. The couples who can get through anything together are the ones that are meant to be with each other.

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