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How to fit exercise into a busy day

Too busy to exercise? Here are 3 simple ways to fit it in.
Too busy to exercise? Here are 3 simple ways to fit it in.
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Everybody wakes up with good intensions, but sometimes even if you make the most precise ‘to do’ list or plan your calendar months in advance, good intensions don’t always pan out, especially when it comes to exercise. Since exercising often tends to be on the bottom of that list to begin with, it often doesn’t happen. So how do you fit exercise into a busy day? Here are 3 easy ways.

  1. Exercise doesn’t have to be lengthy to be effective. When it comes to exercise, something is always better than nothing especially on those busy days. That means that if you intended to get up early and exercise, but it didn’t happen, just be sure to do something before bed that night. Instead of going to the gym, do one of the best 30-minute workout DVD’s . If you had planned on going on a 3-mile run, go for 1-mile run instead. Just do something and don’t give up.
  2. Exercise when you can throughout the day. If you missed your morning workout and your evening schedule is already jam-packed, fit exercise in every chance that you can. Whether it be deliberately parking your car far away and jogging into work, using your lunch break to go for a walk or taking the stairs over the elevator, incorporate exercise in when you can. If you set your mind around exercising when you can, you’ll find yourself doing butt squeezes in the grocery store and leg lifts when making dinner.
  3. Exercising before bed is a great time to fit a mini-workout it into a busy day because bedtime tends to be routine. These exercises can be whatever you want them to be like 50 crunches while watching TV, 30 squats when brushing your teeth or 20 hard push-ups while swishing mouthwash. Or even just take the time to stretch; touching your toes can increase muscle strength, promote flexibility and relax muscles from your long busy day. Learn more ways to fit exercise into a busy day here.

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