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How to find your dream home in Dallas' most popular neighborhoods

Still looking for the perfect home? Here are some tips to help you find it in Dallas.
Still looking for the perfect home? Here are some tips to help you find it in Dallas.
Editor B,

Moving often goes hand in hand with getting married. Whether moving in together, moving away from roommates, or looking for something more permanent, whether renting or buying, it can add stress. It is a long process that tacks more onto the long list of tasks before the big day. Whatever type of place you are looking for, hopefully this article can point you in the right direction.

Some of the most popular places for twenty and thirty-somethings in Dallas are Uptown, Lakewood and Addison.

Uptown is full of apartments and condos, but at a steep price tag. An internet search will find most of these since they are in large complexes that list everything online. If you can’t find the right one though, there are several apartment search companies, such as Intown Properties, who specialize in that area. They are free to you, since the properties pay them a fee for finding you.

Addison offers more of the same, but at a little more reasonable rate. Again apartments are easy to find in an online search, but because there are a lot of individually owned condos and townhomes, it may be best to find a realtor to help you search if that the direction you are looking.

Lakewood consists mostly of homes and duplexes situated in neighborhoods, while still maintaining close proximity to the action of Lower Greenville. If you are looking to buy, a realtor can help you search, but renting in this area is another story. Because the market is in high demand, most of these properties never make it to an MLS listing. Your best bet is to scour sites like,, and even Make sure to search any of these by specifying your criteria, then call immediately if any peak your interest.

Keep in mind, the further from downtown you head, the more you can get for your money. Sachse is becoming a favorite spot for young couples looking for a larger house and a quiet neighborhood. Although most people in the Metroplex couldn’t point to it on a map, it really isn’t that far out of the way, but since it’s a new development, is priced right, and opportunities to build present themselves as well.

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