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How to find time to exercise despite your busy schedule?

A busy schedule and a hectic lifestyle are the most common excuses given by those who don’t exercise. Extended working hours, family commitments, and social obligations force many people to push exercise to the very last of their ‘to do’ list. Are you facing the same problem?

Keeping your body fit and healthy is important. Merely reducing the quantity of food intake is not going to make any difference to your overall fitness level because you may lose weight but you will also lose your energy level and your enthusiasm. By exercising regularly, you can reinforce the body immune system and also the cardiovascular system. Importantly, you will feel energetic and younger, which can do wonders to your professional and personal commitments.

Health is the last thing you should compromise on. By keeping your body fitness at reasonably high levels, you can overcome work-related stress and be battle-ready to deal with the various challenges of life. There are millions of busy people who have found a way to fit exercise into their extremely busy routines. You can do it too, if you follow these simple but extremely useful and practical tips:

Workout in the mornings

Working out first thing in the morning ensures that you can fit it in before the day gets loaded with meetings, workplace demands, appointments, and unexpected events that demand your time. Besides, by working out in the morning, you can remain physically and mentally alert to take the challenges that life throws at you, head on.

Burn calories by doing daily chores more vigorously

If you routinely wash the car, mow the lawn or walk the dog, you can use the activities to burn calories by doing them faster than your normal speed. The faster you do these daily activities, the more calories you will burn as your heartbeat increases considerably.

Find time to jog or do cycling for at least 30 minutes daily

This is a simple form of exercise, but it can give you impressive returns. You just have to take out 30 minutes from your routine to jog or do cycling. Lunch time can be ideal but after-office hours can also be a good choice of time. If your office is not far away from home, you can cycle to work and the problem of finding time will be solved without any fuss.

Plan daily workout with a partner

This will motivate you to exercise regularly and will also give you an obligation or that extra push need to exercise. Choose a time that’s convenient to both of you.

Exercise on weekends

If you are unable to find time for daily exercise, despite your best and honest efforts, keep weekends free for exercise instead of wasting time away snoozing.

If you are serious enough about your fitness, you will be able to find time to adjust exercise in your daily routine, regardless of how busy you are.

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