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How to find the right hairstylist

Finding the perfect stylist can be tricky
Finding the perfect stylist can be tricky
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Finding the right stylist is a lot like finding the man of your dreams. You spend years bouncing from salon to salon, from stylist to stylist, hoping to find the one who will understand and fulfill your needs. This is especially true if you have specific haircare needs. While any stylist can make a supermodel look good, it takes the right stylist to deal with concerns such as thin hair, curly hair, and hair that is unmanageable. Here are a few ways to find the hairstylist of your dreams.

1. Ask Around. Find people whose hair looks fabulous and ask them which stylist they go to. It may take some courage to approach complete strangers but chances are you will make someone's day by fawning over their hairstyle. If you ask enough people, eventually the same name will come up over and over again. This person just may be the hairstylist of your dreams.

2. Surf the Web. These days, the only salons that do not have a website are those who are so behind the times that you should avoid them like the plague. Unless you want to leave the salon looking like a grocery store check-out queen from 1981, stick to a salon with a strong web presence.

3. Look for a Listener. One common trait shared by all great hairstylists is the ability to listen to the client. While you may enjoy getting your hair done by Gossiping Gabby, she will probably be too busy telling you about her love life, vacation, or children to listen to you and pay attention to your needs.

4. Trendy Isn't Always Better. Sure, you may pay a lot to get your hair done at the newest ultra-chic swanky salon in town, but that does not guarantee that you will leave a satisfied customer. Experience counts. A salon that has been around for a while is a salon that knows how to please its clientele.

5. Hit the Road. If you live in a small town, it may be necessary to travel in order to find the perfect hairstylist. The best hairstylists are artists, and artists tend to be happier in larger cities than in towns that are a fly speck on the map. Sure, you may save money by getting your hair done at Kathy's Klassic Kuts or Barbara's Beauty Barn, but the best stylists are generally found in area where culture abounds.

Of course, there just may be an amazingly talented hairstylist right down the street from you. Ask around and give your local beauty salons a chance, but if they continue to disappoint you it just may be necessary to expand your search. But no matter what, keep searching, because somewhere out there is the magician beautician who will be the right stylist for you.

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