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How to Find the Best Generator Maintenance Services Provider

generator maintenance texas
generator maintenance texas
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Electricity is one of the main things we check whenever we purchase or rent a house. You plan to rent out this house in a swanky tower, but came out empty handed because it did not have power back up. But hang on, for all those you stay in North India, are quiet familiar with the generator concept, and we also know that generator maintenance can create a hole in your pocket.

Finding a generator maintenance service provider, a good one, is not an easy task. For it is not just about changing the machine’s oil, but a lot more. When do we normally notice the gadgets in the house?
When your tube light starts flickering, that’s when we know it’s calling for a replacement. Similar is the case with generators, we notice this tool or need it the most when it stops working.

Here are some tips you can use for generator maintenance until you get hold of a good generator maintenance service provider.

  1. Air filter- At most times it is the dirt in the air filter that causes all the problem. So keep a tap on your air filter and clean it after every 100 hours of usage to clear the air.
  2. Keep the generator machine clean- This should be in habit once you’ve purchased the generator. Cleaning it regularly will lower the chances of it warring out fast and will also help you spot the fault in the machine, so you can accordingly call your service provider for a check-up.
  3. Proper oiling- It is advised you change the generator oil after first 20 hours of usage. This helps you keep the generator healthy.
  4. Pouring dirty fuel- Sometimes it gets windy when you are fuelling your generator, this adds dust to your fuel. Avoid re-filling in such conditions, and store the fuel in a proper container away from damp and dirty areas. Because dirty fuel could reduce the shell life of your generator.
  5. Tie lose ends- Keep all the nuts tightly chiselled and check if there are any lose wires lying there in the generator or around it. These lose parts vibrate each time you put on the generator and can harm the machine.
  6. Fuel leakage- Once you’ve cleaned your machine and it is dry, check if there are any points of leakage or holes from where the fuel could drip out.
  7. Fuel strainer-After you’ve checked and cleaned the fuel storage, comes the fuel strainer. This also needs to be clean and dry. Thus, when you are washing out the dirt from the machine, do remember to clean the strainer, so that you reduce the chances of dirt flowing into the machine through the strainer.
  8. Annual inspection and storage- Many of us forget the machine after purchasing. This should not be done with the generator. Make sure you contact your generator maintenance guy and have him inspect the entire machine. Replace the worn our parts and tighten the lose parts.
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