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How to find the best bra fit

La Perla Cascine Bra perfectly fitted with no spillage or riding up
Neiman Marcus

The right-sized bra will beautify your bust; the wrong-sized bra will make your bust bulge in places you never knew existed.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important a fitting bra is to achieve a polished look. Even different brands will fit differently among bras of the same size. The fitting room is your best friend when it comes to finding the best bra for your body. If you need to, ask for a profesional bra fitter in the lingerie area to assist you in selecting the best bra for your body.

Two elements make up the best bra fit: cup size and band size.

What is a cup? The cup is the part of the bra that holds your puppies. The cup ranges from AA to H with everything in between: AA, A, B, C, D, DD/E, DDD/F, G, H.

What is a band? The band is the strap that goes around your torso and hooks in back. The band size is the number in front of the cup size, i.e., 34B. In this example, 34 is the band size, and B is the cup size.

If you wear an ill-fitting bra, the strap may ride up your back (red light for too tight straps), cause spillage (indicates too small bra size), dig into your shoulder (just loosen straps for maximum comfort) or create distractions like underwire poking (again, too small bra size).

How to measure yourself for the best-fitting bra takes a couple minutes and a tape measure. Run the tape measure under your girls and around to your rib cage. Note the number and add five. If your tape measure indicated 27 inches, for instance, add 5 to get a band size of 32.

To find your cup size, take the tape measure around your back, under your armpits and around the area just above the girls. Get an odd number? Just round it up one. Take this number and subtract it from the band size. Then use the following guide to determine your bra size: -1 = AA; 1 = A; 2 = B; 3 = C, etc.

If you are comfortable with your current bra, remember that bras change shape and lose elasticity after a few months. Your best bet to stay on top of your appearance above the waistline is to put some buying power into new bras.

Women and young ladies may purchase bras of all kinds online or at various department stores in Chicago, like those below:

Neiman Marcus

737 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611



Le Mystere Dream Tisha Lace Bra $76.00

Wacoal Slimline Minimzer $65.00

Victoria’s Secret

Water Tower Place

845 N Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60611


Angels by Victoria's Secret® Dream Angels® Demi Bra $48 to $52

Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret Push-up Bra $48 to $52


2 N State ST

Chicago, IL 60602


Hanes Fuller Coverage Underwire Bra $15

Playtex Women's Embroidered Underwire Bra $18.90


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