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How to find International Jobs

International Job, International Jobs, Career Around the World, Career Overseas
International Job, International Jobs, Career Around the World, Career Overseas

Globalization is one of the phenomena which has hit the world in the recent times, and with it comes a lot of opportunities. One, and arguably most important of all, is the chance for individuals to work beyond their country and even continent borders. It is however not easy to find a job internationally especially if you have not done some home work, however, you have landed in the best place because the following is a list of the top ten job hunting websites categorized by location. You will find it very resourceful and comprehensive.

UNITED KINGDOM (this site enables you to register and meet recruiters from the UK. You are also updated on the progress and available opportunities) (a large UK website with plenty of jobs advertisements in IT and other sectors. Includes a list of UK hiring agencies) (this site lists a lot of job vacancies in the UK especially for temporary positions) (this is the UK arm of the big US job hunting site, it lists a great deal of job opportunities in the UK and beyond) (this is a job searching site in the U.K where searches can be bookmarked) (this is a UK based site with job listings from The Guardian newspaper) (a UK based website with a large number of job posts and a chance to upload your CV) (An excellent UK website for job seekers with options for job searches and resume uploads.) (the site contains jobs, listings for accommodation and extensive information on working in living in the UK) ( this is a great site for young professionals (with 1-6 years experience) to look for jobs in the UK)

EUROPE ( This is a job portal offering a wide range of choice for jobs across Europe whose usage is free for members but charges non-members for posting their CVs) (a popular European website with job listings, they offer CV uploads job searches and mail alert services) ( this website is precisely for the executive cadre, it offers resume registration and distribution services to members) (enables users to create free accounts to upload their CVs and also receive mail alerts on various updates) (an authentic website offering work opportunities in Europe, users can upload and track their resumes and also apply for jobs) (though recruiters pay for posting jobs, this site caters exclusively for technology resources, it also contains career guides and market reports) (enables user registration CV upload and tracking) (this site mainly deals with job seekers in the IT sector, the users register with the site to upload and track their CVs) (this site provides a platform for study, work, travel and accommodation searches, recruiters can post jobs for free)

USA (This is one of the best job search engines in the USA. Searches can be narrowed down by location, keywords and employer) (though it does not allow CV uploads, this site is very resourceful in job searching and career advice) (this site is the gateway into the massive world of job opportunities in the USA government) (this site enables CV uploads, job alerts and also provide career advice for its members) (this link is a job search engine in the US which searches specifically for technology jobs) (this a unique job search engine since it searches for jobs according to the user’s ratings of the jobs that they are interested in, one can also research salaries and view detailed profiles of companies of interest) (this is also a unique site which offers both job searching and an opportunity to network with other individuals with the same interest/field as you) (after choosing one’s location and category, you can search pretty easily for the jobs of your choice. (this site is aimed at students and fresh graduates seeking jobs. Enables CV uploads and email alerts) (this is Yahoo’s site which enables job searches by location, keywords and sector. After sign up, one can share their resume and other details publicly or privately)

CHINA (based in Beijing, this site has over 200,000 job postings, it allows CV posting, job search by sector, location and time) (this is the China’s arm of Yahoo’s hotjobs. It offers standard services such as CV uploading, job search and job posting) (this publicly owned site offers a lot of services to both employers and job seekers and exposes you to the opportunity of finding a job throughout more than twenty five cities in China) (this is a very popular online recruiting site in China, it has a CV database of more than seven million job seekers and also receives job postings from employers) (this worldwide job searching site is also very popular in China) (this is a government owned sites in China established to help people find jobs, more than twenty thousand people have landed jobs using this service so far) (this website belonging to the Wang and Li company, a human resources services provider, accepts CV submission by job seekers, job search and forums) (this website, dedicated to the Science and Technology sector, allows users to post CVs, job searches and employers can also post job vacancies) (this China based website contains resumes of more than ten thousand job seekers, they offer job searching, job posting and career advice services especially for fresh graduates) (though this website contains advertisements and other listings, it allows job posting and searching, it is really helpful whether you are located in China or international

(this is the largest job searching website in Canada. They allow job posting for employers and resume uploads for job seekers, job seekers are also alerted in case of a new job posting)

Monster Canada
(this is also a major job site in Canada, it offers resume posting, job searching, resume searching and more services. )

(this Toronto based website is very popular in Canada. It offers resume posting, job searching, directories for employment agencies and also has a career resource centre.)
(this international website has a large presence in Canada, with job posting and job searching services, this site is very popular in Canada for both employers and job seekers)

(this site dedicated to the fields of engineering and technology has been in existence for more than a decade. It offers job search by location, skills and also by keyword. It also offers job posting for employers and resume uploads)
(this is an international ads website which contains a huge number of job postings. Job seekers can access these services for free but the employers are charged a minimal fee for the job posts) Careers
(with more than two hundred thousand advertisements this is a very popular website in Canada and the rest of the world. It also offers free services to job seekers like resume uploads, career test, job searches, career evaluation and much more.)
(this is a popular online career center in both Canada and the rest of the world. It offers a lot of useful advice on career and hiring process e.g. salary information, company profiles and much more. It allows job seekers to upload their resumes, edit them and also receive criticism on their them.)
(this site which offers vast career advice to job seekers is very popular in Canada. It also offers useful advice on how job seekers should conduct themselves in job interviews)

Riley Guide
( Riley guide is another online career center which offers various services to both employers and job seekers like search tools, tips on writing resumes, salary data and statistics on interesting job postings)

LATIN AMERICA (this is a really helpful site for finding jobs in Latin America, it offers services to job seekers who are allowed to search for job listings by country, job type and keywords as well as resume uploads) (this is one of the leading job sites in the Latin American region. With more than five hundred thousand resumes in its database, job seekers can browse through job listings and post their resumes free of charge) (this site is best for Spanish and Portuguese professionals. Job seekers can post their CV anonymously and allow job email alerts for new job postings. They also offer free career advice) (this is a Brazilian website which offers job searching services to its users. Job seekers can also upload their resumes and find useful tips on how to find jobs in Brazil) (this is a website owned by the ministry of labor in Barbados, it allowss job seekers to post CVs freely in their database.)

(based in Brazil, this website contains a list of vacant job posts in Brazil, Rio and Santos. It offers job searching services to job seekers and groups job posts into categories for easy browsing.)

(this is another resourceful site for anyone interested in finding a job in Brazil) (this is one of the best job website in Portugal, it offers job searching services by location and skills, it also allows job seekers to post their CVs and gives career advice.) (in addition to job searching services for job seekers, this website offers useful information on career advancement, culture advice and tips on how to pass a job interview) (this is a job hunting website based in Argentina, it contains a huge resume database with a great variety of job listings to choose from too)

(this is a Saudi Arabian website which is dedicated to those looking for healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia)

(this is a very comprehensive site for those interested to work in the Middle East. It boasts of over 18000 job vacancies. Job seekers are allowed to post their resumes, search for jobs and also access other career services and advice)

Total Dubai
(this is a classified ads/job hunting website based in Dubai. It offers free registration for job seekers where they can upload CVs and access other services)

(this site exposes job seekers to the wider Middle East by listing job vacancies from countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE. Job seekers are allowed to build their CV online and are provided with other services such as job alerts by email.) (this is a Qatar based company that contains a listing of job opportunities in Qatar especially for the international market.) (this is yet another Qatar based website that can come in handy for job seekers looking to work in the Middle East. It allows job seekers to search for jobs, upload and follow up their Cvs online)
(this is one of the most popular job website in the Middle East with over a million applicants and 70000 job postings. It allows job searching by job title, company and location.) (this is a Qatar based site with job opportunities for job seekers wishing to work in the Middle East) (this is an international job hunting site with a huge presence in the middle east. They have over 10 million CVs in their database and a huge number of updated job vacancies in the Middle East and worldwide) (this is a job hunting site dedicated to job seekers looking to work in the Middle East. )

AFRICA (This South African based website offer a wide variety of services from job searches, CV searches to free job advertising to employers. It also alerts job seekers via email on the latest vacancies matching their requirements) (this UK based website is very popular in Africa, with options to upload your CV and get job alerts by email. Employers are also allowed to post new job vacancies and find job seekers by resume.) (this website contains a listing of global health, humanitarian aid and international development jobs in Africa) (this website is one of the biggest and best internet jobs search engine on the web for Ghana and the larger Africa it allows job searches by title, location and type. Job seekers can also post their CVs ) (this Kenyan website showcases the latest job vacancies in Kenya with daily updates. Job seekers are also allowed to post their resumes and search for different types of jobs by category) (this is Zimbabwe’s largest online classifieds site, job postings have been grouped into different categories for easy job browsing, it also allows CV uploads for job seekers) (this is a very popular job hunting site in Kenya and Africa. It offers a lot of services including job search, resume upload, job alerts by email and free job advertisements by employers) (Ezega Jobs is the biggest online job vacancy database in Ethiopia. With hundreds of job listing every week, this is a popular site even in other parts of Africa. Job seekers can apply for jobs after signing up and also post their CVs) (this Kenyan based website contains a listing of job posts especially in the non-profit sector. It also offers CV writing services, interview tips and a list of recruitment agencies in Kenya and Africa) (this is a Nigerian based job hunting site that allows CV uploads and SMS job alerts for job seekers.)

OCEANIA / Australia

Travelers @ work
(travelers @ work is an Australian based website is specifically good for backpacking jobs. It allows job seekers to search for jobs by industry, region and keywords. It also offers a great deal advice on writing a good CV, perfect cover letters and job interview tips)

Blue Strike
(blue strike is another good job hunting site in Australia especially for temporary backpacking jobs in Australia)

Gum Tree
(this is a well known site in Australia for job hunting for a wide variety of jobs. It allows users to search for jobs by location and field. Employers can also post job vacancies for free)
Seek (claiming to be the top job hunting site in Australia, this site enables job seekers to sign up and search for jobs by keyword, fields and even salary. They also offer advice on job interviews and other job finding tips)

Career one (this international website has a huge presence in Australia. It is very efficient with job searches by keyword, location, company, categories and industry. They also advice job seekers on how to write resumes, cover letters and even provide practice interview question)

My Career (this job hunting site allows job seekers to search job searches by sector, job title and location. It also alerts job seekers by email for the latest jobs matching their search)
job search (with over 200,000 job listings, this site is very popular in Australia. They offer standard services like job search by job title, skills and location. It also shows the a list of all the popular job searches)

Byron (this site contains over 70,000 job listings for job seekers to browse through. Recruiters are also allowed to search for job seekers by location category and keywords.)

monster (this worldwide job hunting site is also very popular in Australia with job search based on location, keyword and category. Job seekers can also upload their resumes and access useful career advice)

JobSearch (owned by the Australian government, this website offers job seekers to find work with the Australian government)

Apart from job hunting sites, one can also work for international clients at the comfort of their homes. This is made possible by freelance sites where employers post their jobs online and people from all over the world bid for these jobs. The winning bid gets to work on the project and gets paid via online payment systems such as paypal or moneybookers.

The following are a list of some of the best freelance sites:

About the Author

Dakotta Alex is an entrepreneur in his own right, a business consultant, author, philanthropist and globetrotter.

Over the past 10 years, he has consulted with various organizations such as the Los Angeles Times, Amgen, Disney, Microsoft, Amazon and Compaq in the United States, Europe, and China. He has written several articles in HR Journals, published four books with number five on the way. All of which has earned him accolades from employees of Yahoo, Intel, University of Washington, Disney, Fox, and Google. He has also done filming, producing, and photographing full-feature documentaries. Learn more about Dakotta on his website here.

Dakotta works at the moment as a consultant for start-ups and helping them achieve their next level of growth. His passion is in research work, using social media to make an impact for organizations in recruitment and brand awareness. Some of his research while traveling includes visiting over 72 countries and counting. He is well versed in analytics and campaign management using the instruments of trends and research especially in the area of market research to come up with solutions. Learn more about Dakotta on Linkedin here.

You can also view some of his active ventures: - a recruitment agency, - a website for up and coming startups, - a website to people to ask questions on the job front, - a site for biotech jobs in Seattle, - a site for biotech jobs in San Francisco, - a site for biotech jobs in Boston, - a site for Medical and BioTech jobs in Houston, Texas. Finally, - a site dedicated for helping women find jobs, veterans find jobs, african americans find jobs, asian americans find jobs, latino and latinas find jobs, people with disabilities find jobs, deaf individuals find jobs, blind individuals find jobs, LGBTQ indidividuals find jobs.

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