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How to find information on the best fertility clinic near you

You want to know as much as you can about the fertility clinic you choose to work with.
You want to know as much as you can about the fertility clinic you choose to work with.
AP Photo/ Czarek Sokoloowski

What happens when you are given the diagnosis of infertility? The next step is a critical one.  If you choose to work with an infertility clinic you want to make the best possible choice you can.  Infertility treatment can be  physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming.


There are thousands of infertility programs around the country.  Which one is right for you?  If you have an Obstetrician/Gynecologist that you trust you can ask for a referral.  Your friends can be an excellent network of information.  If you have a trusted friend who shares your value system you can ask for a referral. Finally, RESOLVE can offer referral information.  If you go to you can get a local number for your Resolve chapter and call them.  They can steer you to local clinics. The phone number for RESOLVE of Illinois is 888-255-1399.

Make sure the clinic that you select is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.  This is the governing body in Reproductive medicine.  This organization sets the standard for medical treatment, patient advocacy, and education and training.

Clinic Success Rates

Most fertility clinics submit annual  information to the Center for Disease Control.  The information includes the number and types of procedures they do, the ages of the patients they work with, and what their success rates are.  This is valuable information to have as you are seeking a fertility clinic.  You want to go to a place that offers you the best opportunity for a successful birth.   Keep in mind that all clinics want their statistics to be the best they can. Consequently, some clinics are selective about the patients they take.  For example, they may only work with women under 35.  This directly impacts the statistics you see. When choosing a fertility clinic find out what their success rate is with patients your age who have had the exact procedure you are getting. Find out how many of these procedures they have performed.

There are 2 websites that have the clinic information described above. They offer national information. Keep in mind it takes a year or 2 to compile the information so the statistics may be 2 years old. Here are the sites:   Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology  Center for Disease Control


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