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How to find hidden jobs

Use this search string to find unadvertised jobs
Use this search string to find unadvertised jobs
Wolf Halton

Have you started to feel that there are no jobs for you? A recent article by Jim Stroud at showed a cool Google-Dork to find jobs that are hidden. There are always jobs that are advertised only in the company's web site and never placed on, or or any other "pay for placement" site. This is really not appreciably different from year to year, regardless of the job market or economy.

Ok, What's a Google-Dork? A Google-Dork is a specially crafted search string that can find very specific data. Using a basic string like "careers 'Security Engineer' Atlanta" is going to get you a lot of chaff with the wheat - about four million results. The Google-Dork, "intitle:careers 'Security Engineer' Atlanta" gets you about 440,000 results. In this case, the results are going to be more targeted to actual jobs. Adding the name of a popular job-board site-addition gets you a tighter group, which will only show you the unpublished jobs from sites that use Taleo for their job-board application. Using the search string " intitle:careers 'Security Engineer' Atlanta" nets you 648 results, which is a much more usable number.

Good luck in your job search! Comment on this article to let people know how well this hint worked for you.