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How to find free fitness classes

Local fitness studios will often provide free fitness classes to new students.
Local fitness studios will often provide free fitness classes to new students.
Photo by Mike Coppola

Working out doesn't have to break your budget. Many organizations, including fitness stores and local health clubs, offer free fitness classes for people to try and learn new exercises. Knowing the right way to find free fitness classes can make a big difference for your health and motivation.

Here are five ways to find free fitness classes in your area:

  • Join Meetup and look for opportunities. Meetup is a free online network that connects you with people who have similar interests. There are a variety of activities that you can participate in, and often, people will create groups for those that want to work out together, for free.
  • Check out local running and fitness apparel stores. Your local running stores will likely have free fun runs held at least once a week. These runs are open to the public and offer an opportunity to meet new running friends and get your workout on. In addition, stores like Lululemon and Athleta often host workout classes in their studios, which are also open to the public.
  • Call local fitness studios. Local fitness studios often offer free classes for first-timers to get an idea of what they can expect as a member. Yoga, boxing and even CrossFit studios will give you an opportunity to try a class for free. If they don't have any information online, try calling them for details.
  • Try a new gym. Just like fitness studios, local gyms will likely give you an opportunity to try out their facility with a free day or week pass. With this pass, you may have access to different fitness classes.
  • Look online. You Tube is home to workout videos made by fitness professionals to help you get your fit on., for instance, is a daily fitness show that teaches viewers how to do effective workouts with little to no equipment so you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.

Lora Mays is an avid runner who has been running for more than 15 years. In this time, she has found a love for marathons and plans to run her 15th and 16th this spring. When she isn't running, she is blogging about it at Crazy Running Girl.

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