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How to find free and low cost photo stock images on the internet

How to find free and low cost photo stock images on the internet
How to find free and low cost photo stock images on the internet
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Whether you are managing a business, website, blog, online or offline advertising campaigns, you are going to need photos stock images. In the event your project or budget does not require or cannot afford the availability of personal photographers, I have provided a list with some heavy alternatives that will get you through.

Stock photography offers the means to accomplish may photo needs. Stock photography images are photos that have already been taken by other photographers and are available for OnDemand use. When considering your options for stock photography, it is also important to understand the associated terms of use.

Rights Managed

Rights Managed images are licensed on a use by use basis contractual basis. The fee for this type of usage can vary in price, size, duration, format, project, location, and for print or online use. Rights managed ensure the image will not be licensed by any other individuals or companies within the predetermined time of your license. Typically, the more flexible the license or beneficial, the more expensive the license is to obtain.


Royalty free images are images licensed in perpetuity and for a single price. This license can be used for multiple projects, extended, or non-exclusive use. Types of usage include direct mail, email newsletters, websites, blogs, editorial, broadcast, billboards, flyers, or marketing campaigns.

Limitations may include:

• The images cannot be resold to other parties
• The images may be produced only for a specified number of times
• The images cannot be used for illegal or defamatory purposes
• The images are not free and fees can vary from owner to owner or provider

Free Use

Free use images are copyright free, public domain, or images in which the author has given permission to use the images free of charge. Please note, terms can be subject to change or even misunderstood, therefore read any fine print or terms of usage or reproduction rights before using such images. Confirm there are no limitations or conditional stipulations for the free use images. In addition, it may be wise to keep a copy of the terms or print screen a copy of the terms provided which addresses the right to use for free.

Examples of Restriction Types:

Free for personal or Educational Use: This type of usage means you can only use the image for personal use such as on your personal website, blog, school project, desktop, or for personal printing. However, you cannot resell the image or use it for commercial purposes without negotiating payment for the right to do so with the owner.

Free for Corporate or Nonprofit: This type of use means you can use the image for internal or not for profit documentation, presentations, or media that pertains to that company or non-profit group. Using the images for public use may require licensing. These images cannot be resold to others.

Free for All: This type of usage means it is what it is. The image can be used anywhere for anything, anytime without the hassle of fees or restrictions. These images may be in public domain, the copyright has expired, or the author has specifically granted in writing the images can be used for free for any purpose. In some cases, the author may request or require credit for the image or a hyperlink to the website.

I have compiled a list of websites that offer free and royalty free images. This list is not the absolute solution; however, it is a pretty good start. I have visited the sites and I am a registered user on many of these sites as I am also a business owner within the media industry. Some of the sites require you register (for free) before you are granted access to download the images. Most are a quick, easy, and painless process.

Abstract Influence


All Our Stock

AMG Media Works

Brand X Pictures


Comstock Images

Conceptual Collections

Design Packs


Every Stock Photo

First Light

Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Photo Sharing


Free Digital Photos

Free Foto

Free Historical Stock Photos

Free Images co uk

Free Media Goo

Free Pixels

Free Photo

Free Photos Bank

Free Range Stock

Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

Geek Philosopher

Getty Images


High Resolution Textures

Image After

Image Base

Index Stock Imagery


Kave Wall Stock

Morgue File

Multimedia Library

Nations Illustrated


Open Photo

Photo Everywhere

Photo Gen

Photo Rack


Photo Rogue

Photo Spin

Pixel Perfect Digital

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Photos



Stock Vault



Texture Warehouse


Web Photo Mart

WikiMedia Commons


Design Begins Here
More Stock Photography Sources


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