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How to Find Boston Swingers Party Locations and Clubs

Boston Swingers: Wicked Party from Sinz
Boston Swingers: Wicked Party from Sinz

There are a total of 14,046 Boston swingers within the area and the clubs and party scene definitely shows. Boston swingers are presented a number of options for people looking for swingers clubs and parties. There are different ways you can find this such as: searching online, getting referrals from people who have visited them before and through advertisements among many others. Some of the Boston swingers clubs you can visit include:

East Coast Connection

This is an excellent cash bar club where you can enjoy music from a live DJ, delicious buffet as you meet other swingers who frequent the place.

North East Temptations

This is another option you have when looking for a swingers club in Boston. It hosts numerous events that offer the ideal sexual environment for people who are looking to flirt and have a great time as they interact with people who are into the “swinging” lifestyle.


This is listed among the fastest growing Boston swingers club as it offers a unique experience that couples as well as single people love. It offers complete club take over’s. You will also be happy to learn that the club is attached to a hotel that gives clients unbeatable rates.

Club Sinz

This can be described as a private social organization for single females or couples who are into this type of lifestyle. Individuals who are seeking an honest and open approach to their sexuality will feel at home here. The club hosts a wide array of parties that are disclosed to members once they are accepted in the club. Members also get to enjoy crazy discounts as they mingle with like minded individuals.

Temptations Adult Parties

This is a group party that attracts mature, attractive, honest, open minded, professional and consenting adults who love to party. New members are highly welcome here where they are greeted with an exotic and fun experience that draws them all in. The club hosts themed parties monthly and has more than 900 certified members to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the party to the fullest.


This is one of the oldest Boston swingers clubs whose membership is only open to single women and couples. Single males cannot attend club events but they can host parties in their houses. Phone calls are also welcome from 9:00 PM to midnight.

Darkest Desires

This is a club that offers discreet lifestyle for more than 4 years offering discretion and privacy at all times. Parties are held during the day as well as in the evening and it also hosts home, hotel and club parties here pre-screened males, single women and couples are welcome.

Wet Adventures

This is one of the hottest clubs that offers a classy and fun atmosphere where swingers can enjoy each other’s company. A themed company is organized monthly with numerous fun activities organized and gourmet meal served. Combination of club and house parties allow guests to pick the ideal spot for their needs. The party is normally taken to a new destination to make sure people get different experiences to make sure everyone present have a memorable time they will never forget. The premise of the parties comes with loads of space for a play area and it is important to note that sleepovers are also highly welcome.

Group Escapades

This is a sophisticated, none intimidating and provocatively exclusive club where revelers are advised to leave their inhibitions at the door. Single girls and hot couples are welcome to join with the exception of single men for parties that are organized once a month.

Massachusetts Swingers

This is another option couples and single girls have when looking to experience an out of the ordinary experience. Different events are normally organized regularly creating the perfect environment where swingers can interact with each other and generally have the best of times as they are on the same page.

In addition to the Boston swingers clubs, there are a number of parties/events that swingers can attend such as:

Swinger’s Day Wet Adventures- 08/02/14

Independence of the Sea Cruise-Nov 2014- Topless Travel-11/15/14

Swingers Gone Wild & SLSeXchange Pre-Party-Hedo Events- 01/02/15

4 Day Adult Entertainment Weekend 2015-PurfectLV-01/21/15

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