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How to find a summer camp

Summer camp can offer an experience in nature
Summer camp can offer an experience in nature
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As the school year comes to an end, many parents consider summer camp for their children. Summer camps are diverse and include overnight, days-only, faith-based and other types of camps. If you're curious about how to find a summer camp that meets your child's needs, you may be wondering where to start. There are several ways to find a summer camp for your elementary, junior high or high school student.

  • Call your local YMCA. Known for its year-round fitness programs, the Y also offers youth the chance to get away from it all at overnight camps or stay close to home at day camps.
  • Interested in a faith-based camp? Contact your church's youth director to find out what opportunities exist.
  • Consult others who have sent their kids to camp. Family, friends, co-workers and neighbors can recommend fun, safe camps that will meet your needs.
  • Contact a college or university if you're looking for academics-focused camps, such as theatre camp, music camp, science camp or math camp.
  • Visit the American Camp Association website. More than 2,400 camps are accredited by this organization and its website includes a database where you can find camps based on location or other criteria.
  • Remember other summer activities. If your child participates in a fall sport or activity, there may be a mandatory summer camp already scheduled.

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