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How to find a reviewer for your self-published book


The worldwide web is a great source for finding sites which offer resources for book reviews. Keeping your genre or topic in mind, do an internet search using keywords (chick lit, mysteries, YA fiction, self-help, budgeting, etc.).

Some of the sites conduct and post interviews with authors. Try offering your book for consideration. Offer to be interviewed.
Does the site produce their own newsletter? Peruse their archives to find out if they publish book reviews. Perhaps they’ll agree to publish a review of your book.
Study magazines related to your book theme or genre. You will be amazed at how many of them there are. You can locate magazines through Writer’s Market (Writer’s Digest Books), mega book stores and other web searches using key words.
Once you’ve found appropriate sites/magazines/newsletters, locate their submission guidelines. If there aren’t any specific guidelines for submission of a book review, find contact information for the editor/book reviewer and contact him/her.
Describe your book and why you think their readers would be interested in reading a review (of your book) in their publication. Tell them (flatter them!) about why their publication would be enhanced by your works.
Interested reviewers will request a copy of your book. When sending the reviewer your book, send along any previously published reviews (if available) and/or a press releases. A cover letter with the particulars of the book, ISBN, copyright date, publisher name, etc. is a good idea, too.
Some reviewers will read your book; some will rely on your accompanying material when writing a review; still others print reviews that you submit with your request.
Footnote:  Be conscious of sending only pertinent, concise material and cover letter information. If too much information is provided, you may get shelved—permanently.



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