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How to find a good restaurant in Nashville


Photo courtesy of bhamsandwich

"What is the point of this article?" you ask.  "Go look in the phone book."  But I said "in Nashville".  Maybe in other cities you can just look in the phone book, but in Nashville that leads you into the peril of "discovering" something on the Channel Five news food safety alert segment.  Yes, we have those.  On the other hand, there are plenty of restaurants in the phone book that are as glossy as a copy of Cosmopolitan...and just as vapid.  Why pay $40 for a plate of steak and potatoes when you can get it at home for ten?  If you don't know how to cook a steak and bake a potato, you have more problems than just not being able to find a good restaurant.  So, without further ado, here is how to impress your out-of-town relations with your good-restaurant-discovering ability.

1)  Play to the strengths.  Nashville is a diverse city.  It might actually be one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., if not by head count than by variety.  I know every urban area has its blend, but I've never heard of anywhere where said variety is so unconfined.  If you want to live somewhere in Nashville that is homogeneously white, you're going to have to look really hard, and probably put up with a homeowner's association that doesn't like your decorative Titans yard flag.  So with that in mind, some of the best eating in Nashville is to be found in the ethnic cuisine available.  This is because people from Ethiopia, Turkey, and the like, do not give a rat's hiney what Americans expect about Ethiopian or Turkish cuisine.  They just make it the way they think it tastes good.  And so it does.

Coming soon: more helpful advice from the Queen of Sass.  By the way, I've had the above-pictured dish of ripe peaches on homemade ricotta on homemade bread.  You can get it at Marche (mar-shay) and yes, it is just as delicious as it looks.