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How to figure out if your new man is a liar

Dating Lies
Dating Lies

Many people may feel victimized in the realm of dating, but for some reason many who feel victimized don’t realize they’re victimizing their selves. These types of people are called whiners, and whiners are notorious for ignoring the ‘beware’ warning signs that are written all over that pretty face of his. Some may never know why these type of women continuously get caught on these shady fishing lines, but it’s a big ocean and swimming around better options may be worth the hook. A handsome face cannot constitute the fact that he retains the manners of a gentleman, but the fact that he is most likely well groomed.

There are a handful of men that can sweet-talk there way to unzipping every piece of clothing off a clothed body, and then, there is a group full of men who will say anything to keep the attention of their ‘victim’ while trying to hide his agenda…. The sweet talker, also known as the ‘player,' will stop at nothing to make sure a smile remains on his selection’s face – beware, when it’s too perfect to be true, most likely it’s fake. He will most likely agree with almost everything that is said from his prey’s mouth. He will make sure to stay in the safe zone, until he is signaled to go further. Remember there is always fine print stamped with small font between the lies of the sweet talker player.