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How To Fight the Flu

It may be hard to realize that cold and flu season is coming to an end, because so many people are feeling sick. If you are sick or under the weather chances are you can do small things to feel better soon. These tips can help.

Skip Stocking Up
Instead of packing up on tissues and cold medicine, drink more water. Water is a natural detoxing method it can heal the body of uncomfortable elements. Drinking water can clear up your skin, help you increase energy and even help avoid cavities.

Dump the OJ
Many people turn to fruit juices especially orange juice, this is because it has an extremely high content of vitamin C, but be warned it has high sugar content too. People who drink a lot of orange juice can sometimes have tooth decay and cavities. Cavities will build up and cause more tooth aches if not treated

Get Sunlight
For a lot of people the winter months can be dreary. The sun does not come out often in some areas so getting vitamin D can help in many ways. You can strengthen your oral health and teeth with a daily dose of vitamin D. Sun exposure is a great way to get this essential nutrient, but you can also take a supplement or drink dairy milk.

Work Out More
If you work out you feel better in your body and you smile more. Smiling with confidence is a great benefit for healthy people. Working out can be fun. Finding an activity that suits you can be fulfilling. you don’t have to join a gym to be healthy. You could take your dog for a longer walk, you could go for a hike, or even garden. Moving your body every day is essential for a healthy outlook. If you workout you may find you get sick less often.

Sleep More
When you are runned down, you may feel tired and stressed. But even when you are not sick getting quality sleep every evening is important. Taking care of your body is good to do no matter what time of year, says Dr. Marostica a dentist in Tigard.

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