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How to fight depression during current jobless crisis, and regain sanity


The economic downturn accompanied by spiraling unemployment has led to severe mental health problems in the unemployed segment of the population. Depression is a frequent outcome in many situations. It's time for a plan to reverse the negative impact of unemployment. Learning how to take charge of your emotional frame of mind is important to restoring optimism and hope.

One method of regaining control is to begin by organizing your thoughts. Metacognition is a concept in which a person seeks to learn from their past experiences to regain perspective for the future. Begin by writing what you have learned. Divide the list into two columns: one will be reserved for what has worked for you in the past, and the second for things that have not worked in the job search.

Brainstorm the results of this exercise and seek to gain a fresh perspective for the next phase of life, regaining sanity. Life must be balanced between relaxing, self-education, spiritual reflection, and conducting a job search. Seek to change your pattern by establishing a schedule. 

Choose three different activities each day that will build mind, body and spirit. Diversify your approach throughout the week. Take time to exercise, search for jobs, and socialize. Use your friends as a sounding board to develop new ideas and approaches to life, love, and the pursuit of a new career.

In a down economy, take time to conduct the job search in person. While the Internet is convenient, hiring managers like to see the applicant and have an impression of the person who applies for positions within their company.

Learn to be a well rounded person for the new career.

Author, Therese Borchard, was recently featured in the Huffington Post, and offers "7 Ways to Beat Depression while Unemployed." 

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