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How to: feather nails using real feathers

Supplies Needed:

Feather Nails using real feathers
Lovely's Instinct LLC
  • Base Coat (I used Perfect Formula Pink Gel)
  • Color of Choice (I used Essie)
  • Feathers (I used pink/green and red/black)
  • Top Coat (I used Seche Vite)


  1. Apply basecoat
  2. Apply 2 coats of color
  3. Let color dry
  4. Apply 1 layer of top coat
  5. While the top coat is still wet, lay the feather in the middle of the nail and drag forward to desired position
  6. Pat the top of the feather so that it is securely pushed into the wet polish
  7. Apply a thick layer of top coat
  8. Let nails dry and you're done! Enjoy!

Most supplies can be found on Lovely's Instinct beauty website. Check out her video tutorial on how to do this technique using Shellac and regular polish too!


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