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How to Fall in Love with Yourself

You don't have a choice. Happiness starts with loving yourself.
You don't have a choice. Happiness starts with loving yourself.

Every year it’s the same tune to the same, exact song. Everyone proclaims that the new, present year will be different. Instead of the hurt, pain or weakening love life, they will strengthen it with whatever desired characteristics. However, lets get real. It’s ultimately impossible to dictate one’s own love life. Life is unpredictable and uncanny. Want to start on a new path for finding success in love? First of all, you have to start finding success in yourself. If someone expects another person to cherish and love him or her, that person has to first cherish and love himself or herself. Start loving yourself first. Never rely on another person to bring joy in your life because lets say so said person leaves suddenly, what are you left with? That’s the ticket to binging on ice cream while watching chick flicks, or falling into a rather morbid state of depression. The love story always starts within you. Learn to hang out on your own. Dedicate a period of time each day, week, or month to just doing what you like. In other words ‘date’ yourself. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s actually very healthy for the soul. Order takeout, paint, read, sleep or just relax. Start fall in love with yourself. Look in the mirror and appreciate what you see. Best believe, if you cannot appreciate yourself, it will be challenging to find someone who can. The possibilities are endless, but it is ultimately up to you whether or not the results are positive.