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How to establish the cycle of delivering an excellent customer experience

A good customer experience strategy is known to lower customer turnover
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According to research, only 20% of companies have a well-developed strategy of delivering excellent customer service. That is both a problem and an opportunity! A good customer experience strategy will lower customer turnover, increase customer satisfaction and help keep good employees on board for a longer time. In short, it will become your gateway to drive growth and differentiate your business.

Building a great customer experience strategy is complex and it is not as easy as it is said. It is more than the sum of customer interactions with the business notes the Harvard Business Review. The report suggested that a limited focus on customer experience is insufficient to determine the impact of customer service. It can provide a distorted image of happy customers, showing them to be more satisfied than they really are.

Focus On Consistently Providing Great Service

What does this mean for businesses? It means that businesses need to strike a balance between various end points and focus on the bigger picture. A truly optimum customer experience can be delivered when customers will find consistency in delivery of service and products. For example, every time they engage in a transaction with you, they must feel the same way, be helped in the same timely manner and achieve the same satisfaction as before. If you fail to deliver this consistency, it will generate a negative impression of your overall customer service despite the positive pleasure they must have reported initially.

It Is More of “Gut Thinking”

Customer experience is more than rational thinking. It is highly subjective as it is more about the overall perception of your company and how well you do. To deliver a good customer experience you must consider the unique needs of individual customers and try to deliver a great experience to everyone at all times.

Strategies Which You Can Consider
Great customer experience rests on training and how well your employees are able to adapt to situations and the changing environment. All employees from sales to field service to tech support should be considered in training to deliver a great customer experience.

Consider Customer Needs

Consider the needs of your customers and try to address them. For example, many brands offer lower priced products to meet customer needs, showing that they care while also establishing trust and increasing add-on purchases. You may determine the best fit for products being purchased together and utilize the same strategy that may ultimately enhance revenues and build trust.

Reward Success Not Speed

By rewarding the number of calls being processed, you will send the wrong message to your employees you want an issue to be resolved in a one-call attempt, you don’t want a customer to have to call several times. Make sure you are rewarding success.

Empower Employees

Make sure you arm your employees with the right training and complete knowledge, which lets them make decisions that are in line with your business philosophy. Empower them to make decisions when necessary and engage in meaningful customer conversations.

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