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How to enjoy artichokes

This wonderful healthy vegetable provides an amazing array of nutrition, and is easy to present when entertaining. Among other nutrients, it provides excellent sources of Niacin, Maganese, Folate, Vitamin C and K, according to NutritionData. It’s also a wonderful protein source for numerous recipes, either on-the-go or for a relaxing meal with the family. As trends towards vegetarian and vegan lifestyles continue, this healthy source of optimum nutrition stands out for its myriad of natural dietary fiber and protein.

Often, this vegetable is bypassed for a simple lack of understanding in how to properly prepare and enjoy the artichoke. Ocean Mist Farms provides wonderful tutorials on maximizing this wonderful, sometimes overlooked vegetable. Some of the steps also outlined in their videos have been detailed below:

1. Trim the artichoke’s tail and the tips of each artichoke leaf
*Optional: Use of citrus fruits and veggies are advised for some aspects of preparation.

2. Steam or boil the artichoke
*Steaming will maintain and preserve the vegetable’s essential nutrition. Often, the process of boiling vegetables omits those nutrients readily available in their natural state.

3. a. For entertaining or stuffing: Pull the leaves out like a flower and fill with one’s stuffing of choice. These can easily be used in lieu of chips and line salsa bowls easily.
• Be sure to keep an empty bowl on hand to collect the thorns.

b. Remove the fuzzy center and discard.

c. The heart of the artichoke can be enjoyed a la carte or cut up into a soup, stew, pasta or other dish.

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards achieving optimum nutrition in a handy vegetable that meets most growing seasons easily. Notably, its hardy endurance also makes this historic veggie a prime candidate for canners and a great protein source for emergency food storage.

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