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How to Embrace Your Small Bust

Happy women
Happy women

As increasingly more women embrace their small bust size, sales of padded bras are diminishing. In fact, women are becoming quite comfortable flaunting their A cups and choosing to rock what they've got instead of altering their beautiful bodies with something fake like implants. In an age where people increasingly care about authenticity, more women have become comfortable in their own skin--and rightly so! If you're still on the fence about your small bust size, don't give it a second thought! Your size is perfectly in style.

Small Breasts Are Sexy

It's not just wishful thinking--small breasts can actually better enhance your sexuality. Studies have shown "that bigger breasts are sometimes less sensitive than smaller ones." (1) The added fat in larger breasts tends to make big breasts less sensitive than small busts, generally speaking. The added stimulation can definitely enhance your love life.

Small Breasts Keep Your Body Looking Younger

Many women with small breasts love that their bodies appear younger than women their age with large breasts. With less mass, smaller breasts have less trouble defying gravity. Since they remain perkier longer than large breasts, they tend to appear more youthful. For women who want to appear as young as they feel, a small bust size can certainly enhance that youthful appearance.

Health and Fitness

Many experts say that small breasts allow a woman to more easily notice or locate lumps, warnings of breast cancer. These women, therefore, may get consult a healthcare provider more quickly than their large-breasted counterparts. In addition, women with small busts often find exercise easier, so their fitness routines are enhanced. Large breasts can feel heavy and even affect a woman's posture. Lugging around large breasts sometimes affects women's backs and can even give them headaches.

Embracing Your Size

If you are a 34A or 36A, you're in good company. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a 36A and she looked "fabulous at every occasion." (2) A small bust size can result in a stunning silhouette--a classic look that looks undeniably good in most any fashion. Shift and sheath dresses look amazing on small-busted women. Tops with scoop-necks, v-necks, and even turtlenecks complement your inherent sex appeal that, in truth, has nothing to do with your size and everything to do with the confidence you feel.

Not every woman gets to look like Marilyn Monroe, of course, but there are throngs of icons that sport small breasts and are singular and sexy in their own right. From Kate Moss to Keira Knightley, there are plenty of beautiful women who know that their small bust size adds to their attraction. Besides, there's something graceful and powerfully alluring about a woman who knows she is appealing in every way--but can still easily slide into home base head first if she's stealing from third. The trick, of course, for any woman is to get a bra that fits, that adequately supports the breasts whatever their size may be.

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