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How to eliminate that “cottage cheese look,” it’s showing up on younger bodies

The Liferegenerator is telling it like it is. Due to the food people are eating it is rare to see a fully toned body. Even on young girls and boys it’s amazing at such a young age the dimpled skin is already prevalent. This is not an ad for plastic surgery nor is it something to shame you about your body. You are already eating food or some representation of it daily, so why not make it food that is good for the body and shows up as health in your skin.

Fiber in fruits and vegetables flushed out by drinking water On females it shows up in the thighs and buttocks, and on males it shows up in the stomach and the breasts. It’s that “cottage cheese look.” If you have it you have a buildup of metabolic residues. Toning your cell tissues is not as hard as it seems. Parents you don’t have to come down on your children hard, all that is needed is to change your grocery shopping list for the whole family.

You are accumulating acid waste from devolving away from Mother Nature’s eating laws The food today is not recognizable by the body as nourishment, as high quality food that your body can use. You were born into depending on what your parents and caregivers eat themselves and put on the table for you to eat. So you have this pile of waste in your skin. Your skin longs to be pure and you want your skin to represent health and be attractive to look at.

The lymphatic system has other more important things to do than to sift through the “acid crud”you ingest. The lymphatic system is used to distribute nutrients throughout the body. Instead it is left with acidic sticky carbohydrate clog that gets stuck in the skin cells and shows up as dimpled skin also known as cellulite.

The blood has to stay at a specific pH People eat more acidic food than alkaline foods. Your lymphatic system is overloaded. Fruits, nuts, herbs, seeds and vegetables have very little carbolic waste. So the waste and toxins get stored in those areas we talked about earlier. Why does the Photoshop air brush everything, because it’s more attractive to see the beauty of the smooth healthy skin?

Low metabolic foods, get a rebounder for 20-30 minutes a day, building muscle uses up that “cottage cheese look” and lack of muscle tone. When you are taking the stairs you are moving and pumping that clog out, detoxifying and neutralizing that toxic waste. Massage is also another good way to release the toxins after clean eating and activity. You don’t need to go from eating clogging foods to eating healthy overnight, make it a lifestyle change and do it over time. Doing it over time will make it a lifelong habit for life the beautifying of your body inside out. Watch the video.

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