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How to Eliminate Resistance from Anyone and Anything

Eliminating resistance is all about chaning perspective
Eliminating resistance is all about chaning perspective

There is saying in the Law of Attraction that "what you resist, persists." Anytime there is a resistance to any situation or person, there will continue to be that resistance UNTIL something changes. Where does that change happen? Not from that person or situation. That change happens from within. Finding the blessings and truly appreciating each person and situation that creates resistance is the only way to blow out that resistance and create a field of harmony and cooperation that will allow for all dreams to manifest. Easy to say...but HOW do you do that?

Although I may mention that there are obstacles in my life, I do spend much of my time reflecting on the good things about those obstacles, or those people and situations.

My oldest daughter is a living representation of Law of Attraction! She knows what she wants and has a burning desire for it's achievement. She doesn't let anyone or anything inhibit her from following her dreams. She makes a decision and then takes actions to do it. She also has a marvelous knack for winning friends and allies that will most definitely help her get where she wants to be. I admire that about her and often think of her when I think of taking the courage I need to move forward towards my dream.

I understand the situation I created in my business. I trusted others that didn't have the same values I had. I'm learning to be more discerning in any business deals I make and taking more thoughtful approach to where I choose to invest my resources. In the webinar by Anik Singal on the "Future of Wealth" he reiterated from his e-book a practical way to chunk down challenges into 3 columns: assets,obstacles, and goals. By aligning assets with obstacles gets that subconscious mind working in harmony with the conscious mind to guarantee desired goals to be achieved. I'm looking forward to implementing this strategy in my business and life to improve my financial results and reduce my financial liability.

I consider my soon to be ex-husband to be a sincere and honest friend. He sees things differently than I do and keeps me challenging my values and ideals. I always appreciate is perspective and value his insight since it stimulates me to expand my thoughts and points of view as I learn and grow. He is one of my greatest allies as I implement the principles I learn in Law of Attraction.

I use all of the training I get from my business to improve my own health and well-being. I go to classes often and take what I need from those training to improve myself. When I get healthier, I get better at what I do and I can be a living testimony to everyone of what strategies for health and success work and which ones don't. I share with my clients and anyone willing to listen my experiences in hopes that they may achieve their desired success and health results. I acknowledge the commitment it takes and I'm willing to do whatever is required to achieve my success in health and all areas of my life so that I can inspire others to do the same.

By looking for the blessings in every situation and person, especially those that seem to create resistance, the resistance fades. Opportunities open and others are more inclined to cooperate to assist in whatever dreams and desires may unfold.

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