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How to Ebay for Plus Size Fashion


A recent trend in eco friendly fashion is to save the gas and buy online. A great site for Plus size fashion is Ebay. Ebay "the auction website" has been around for sometime but if you think they're still only selling leftover attic items then you're missing out.  

Thousands of business sell via ebay including thrift stores, whole salers,and bulk buyers. Didn't get a chance to buy that recent dress from LB before they were all sold out? Its possible a bulk buyer bought them and now the dress can be purchased on Ebay. Another great ebay  secret is many auctions start as little as .99 cents! 99 cent item + free shipping = great fashion deal!

Here's a few tips if you're thinking trying Ebay for fashion.

1) Always get measurements. Most seller's description includes bust, waist, hip and length measurements but a few new sellers forget. Don't be afraid to ask because you're the customer and they're happy to make sure you'll fit and love your item

2) Bid low. Keep your bid low at first and then go into the bidding war near the end of the auction to save money.

3) Be wary of the fake bid. Unfortunately some sellers have a second acct  entirely to up the bid on items. You can click on your bidding competition and see if the person bidding on that item consistently bids on that sellers items. If their bid percentage for that seller is higher than 20% then you've probably found a false bidder raising the price on their own items. Have the strength to walk away because the item will probably be re-listed later at a much lower price.

4) Give feedback. Giving feedback helps you and others know who is doing their job well. Also it is a tool to make sure your purchase process goes well. No one wants less than 5 stars. If your item is delayed then don't be afraid to pull out the "bad rating" threat.

5) Look around! If you're not quite sure you'll fit that 2X please keep looking! That seller and others may list the same item in a different size.

6) Make sure your items comes from a "smoke-free" home. Most descriptions for second hand items let you know this upfront. If they don't state it in the description then be sure to ask. No one wants their new clothes (thrift or not) to come with a smoke smell.

7) Try out polyvore. If you're buying an item and aren't sure if your item will fit in with your wardrobe create a polyvore acct, import your item and "try it on" with a few similar closet items. It will give you an idea if the item is truly a hit or a miss for your style.

Hopefully these tips will help you find some great bargains on Ebay and happy bidding. 


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