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How to easily turn IKEA furnishings into beautiful custom decor for the abode

IKEA is often just dismissed as cheap go to furniture for decorating on a tight budget, perhaps for a first home or a dorm room. Instead the IKEA furnishings are about having fun shopping for cost effective offerings of sturdy solid decor to bring home and put together to fit perfectly into the grown-up abode.

Check out how easy it is to turn IKEA furniture into custom designer decor
Check out how easy it is to turn IKEA furniture into custom designer decor
check out these great companies offering easy customization for IKEA furniture
montage: Mykea, Comfort Works, Prettypegs, Overlays

Think of IKEA furniture as a canvas to customize and create beautiful designer decor.

After building the new IKEA furniture one can take a step further by adding some customization to turn the ordinary into a designer centerpiece. Many IKEA offerings have wonderful plain surfaces perfect for adding a unique decorative touch with paint, interesting molding or adding knobs.

Do not worry if you are not as handy as you would like to be. There are now companies specifically in business to make customizing IKEA decor easy, fun and exciting.

Take delight in turning ordinary IKEA furnishings into the extra ordinary designer pieces you dream of.

Companies are making perfect complements to add to standard IKEA offerings such as MALM, PAX, EXPEDIT, LACK, BILLY and BESTA and many more IKEA furnishings in order to turn them into personalized decor.

Mykea is all about turning IKEA furniture into unique decor.

Mykea strived to produce an ultimate sticker of excellent quality to create a designer appearance on IKEA furnishings. The colorful stickers are made by Avery for Mykea out of a special vinyl material.

  • Mykea offers heavy duty designer stickers created by artists specifically to fit specific IKEA furnishings.
  • Easily change the decor with your mood; the special stickers are built with a structure that allows for the stickers to be easily attached and removed.

Overlays allows for new dimensions to be added to plain IKEA decor with overlay kits.

Overlay allows one to instantly turn a flat ordinary IKEA item into a beautiful designer look simply by applying an overlay specifically made to fit IKEA furnishings.

  • Simply search for a beautiful overlay for the IKEA style series of your choice.
  • Easily apply overlay with a multitude of adhesive choices; Overlays recommends Liquid Nails 100% Clear Silicone Adhesive on glass and mirror, Liquid Nails Perfect Glue on furniture, woodwork and walls. Even heavy duty double sided tape can be used for many applications.

Prettypegs adds a customized designer look simply by attaching new feet and legs to IKEA furniture.

Have fun changing the look of an IKEA piece simply by switching feet and legs as if swapping sneakers for designer shoes. "Prettypegs offer the possibility to add character, color and uniqueness to your IKEA piece in a fast and affordable way."

  • Add new excitement to sofas, beds, chairs, storage and tables easily by replacing feet and legs.
  • Fittings are made to make it easy for one to attach the pretty new shoes to specific IKEA items.

Comfort Works makes custom slipcovers specifically to fit IKEA comfy sofas and chairs.

One can instantly turn their living spaces into designer creations simply by adding the decorative touch by customizing upholstered IKEA sofa and chairs with a custom slipcover by Comfort Works.

  • Simply choose your IKEA piece and then choose from the large variety of colored and patterned fabrics to complement your new decor.

Shopping at IKEA is a maze of weaving around a showroom of furnishings. The pleasure is in taking the time to look at the decor and vignettes of rooms to gather ideas to decorate. As the brain is picturing the interesting pieces placed within your own decor now one can add the extra excitement of imagining the IKEA pieces enhanced with a special custom designer touch.

Have fun creating your unique look and never be afraid to dance!

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