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How to earn the September 2014 Seal o' Piracy

Fall shopping means a need for fall crafting labor. That's how you'll earn your limited edition trophy for the month!
Fall shopping means a need for fall crafting labor. That's how you'll earn your limited edition trophy for the month!
Cookies photo: Kim ("mommyknows") on Flickr and shared under a CC BY 2.0 license. Wax seal: public domain, available on Wikimedia Commons. Collage by Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little.

September means back to school shopping, and the world of YPP is no exception. Pirates across the oceans are picking up new threads, selling old baghlahs for new, and reequipping their sword racks and bludgeon chests. And where there's demand for products, there's an equal demand for labor. That's why you'll earn your Seal o' Piracy for September 2014 by...

Completing 4 different crafting sessions.

(Well, OK, no. There is not actually a documented increase in YPP players' shopping habits. I'm trying to get into the spirit of the story behind the Seal, OK? Let's pretend.)

Crafting puzzles are those which aid shoppes in producing items...

  • Alchemistry makes dyes, paints and potions in an apothecary
  • Blacksmithing makes swords and cannon balls at an ironmonger's
  • Distilling makes rum, hemp oil and mugs at a distillery
  • Foraging gathers fruit, gems, and gold nuggets from on board a ship
  • Shipwrighting makes ships and bludgeons at a shipwrights'
  • Weaving makes cloth at a weavery

Not listed here are those crafting puzzles that have not yet been implemented, though you can take a job at their respective shoppes: construction, furnishing and tailoring. Additional note: Your Examiner is unsure whether foraging counts toward the Seal o' Piracy. She means to experiment and report her findings. Update, September 3: Foraging does not count towards the Seal. For specific details on testing, see below.

You can play crafting puzzles directly to have fun, improve your standings, get paid for your labor, and of course log a session for your seal. Assuming you are qualified by virtue of your labor badge or subscription, you can take a job at a shop, which allows you to automatically produce paid labor for the shop even when you're not logged in.

You need a labor badge or subscription not just to take a job at a shop but also to play the crafting puzzle in the first place. Once again, those of you without will be relying on the Freeplay Schedule for your Seal, this time in order to play sessions of four different crafting puzzles. Here's a quick summary of what's free to play when:

  • Sunday: Ironworking
  • Monday: Weaving
  • Tuesday: Foraging
  • Wednesday: Alchemistry
  • Thursday: no crafting puzzle free
  • Friday: Distilling
  • Saturday: Shipwrighting

Today is Tuesday, September the 2nd; thus, foraging is free to play. However, because you need a Labor Badge or Subscription in order to take a foraging job aboard a ship, Tuesday's free foraging is unlikely to help you get your Seal. But then again, it's uncertain whether foraging counts toward your seal anyway (it does not).

Since crafting puzzles are the focus of September's Seal, your Examiner intends to bring you some close examination of the topic this month. Stay tuned for discussion of labor badges versus deluxe labor badges, strategies to maximize your earnings, puzzling tips and tricks, and more.

Update, September 3: Forage does not count toward the Seal. Nensieuisge on the Emerald Ocean played one session each of Alchemisty, Foraging, Distilling and Shripwrightery. That makes four, but she did not earn her seal until she then played a session of Ironworking.

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