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How to earn the August 2014 Seal o' Piracy

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After all that Kraken excitement last month, you'd think the Seal o' Piracy for August would have something to do with sea monster hunts. Not a bit of it! This time around, you'll win yourself the monthly limited edition trophy by...

Completing 10 parlor games.

Parlor games are those class of head-to-head competitive puzzles around which tournaments are created, one-on-one challenges may be sent, or gaming tables can be set up. The primary place to engage in these activities would be your nearest roistering establishment, where you can usually find a tournament board and several gaming tables. Certain of the parlor games may also be played anywhere, simply by clicking on your fellow pirate and selecting "Challenge to a Puzzle." (But don't forget to use your words! It's best to talk to the other pirate first, then issue the challenge if they agree.)

Parlor games are considered premium content in Puzzle Pirates, because in order to have complete access to all seven puzzles you must hold a parlor badge (Meridian, Emerald, Opal, Jade) or be a subscriber (Cerulean, Ice). However, there are exceptions. Anyone may enter a tournament or sit down at a game table if the puzzle being played is one of those that has been made free for the day. And it is always free to issue a one-on-one challenge in swordfighting or rumble.

Any pirate can create a tournament at any time, so long as they have the right to play the given parlor game as outlined above. You may prefer to win your Seal by haunting the tournament board in hopes that someone will create one. Or you can create your own tournaments. Meanwhile, a useful resource for your purposes would be the familiar tournament schedule. It'll tell you when the tournaments set up by the Ocean Masters will be, when a familiar will be rewarded to the pirate who vanquishes the competition! The remaining familiar tournaments this month are scheduled for August 18 (swordfighting), August 23 (rumble), August 28 (drinking), and August 31 (treasure drop). Join the tournament, log some games for your Seal, and maybe win something rare and pretty to wear on your shoulder!