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How to earn the April 2014 Seal o' Piracy

To earn this month's limited edition trophy, visit strange lands... and stop to smell the flowers along the way!
To earn this month's limited edition trophy, visit strange lands... and stop to smell the flowers along the way!
April Fool Flower photo (Haemanthus coccineus) by Abu Shawka. Collage by Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little.

So did you finally get your Seal o' Piracy for March? Here's hoping you weren't relying on using an alt to get your trophy on the less populous oceans, because as it turns out, matey, that trick don't work. The Puzzle Pirates client is smart and it will recognize you--at least, it recognizes that both pirates are logged in from the same computer. Your Examiner has not experimented with logging in from different machines yet.

But that's all irrelevant now. It's April! You have a new Seal to hunt. And you'll get it by...

Completing three (3) actions to add to yer explorer reputation!

Now, which actions do that? Yppedia lists 'em out for you.

The April 2014 Seal o' Piracy customizes nicely to different pirates' play styles. The SMH-related actions are great if you like high-stakes treasure hunting on multiplayer battle boards. Pillaging fiends (remember pillaging? This is a game about pillaging) will eventually get their trophy by virtue of the league points they travel while hunting down brigands and barbarians, and also by winning expedition maps from their chastened opponents. If you're all about memorizing the ocean, just do what you do! And if real life obligations keep you off the high seas, you can still make progress toward your trophy as long as you have access to your computer or tablet. Simply pop your pirate onto a navy mission and, in between folding laundry or cleaning up in the kitchen, give the mouse an occasional wiggle to keep your session active. (Serenidad on the Jade Ocean has watched her Explorer Reputation improve by just this method.)

Unfortunately, this Seal doesn't lend well towards keeping count. Last month it was easy to say, "There's one tournament I participated in... there's a second... I just need two more!" But when it comes to the April Seal, what precisely counts as "one action"? You might expect setting foot on the Cursed Isle to count as one action, sure, and participating in a buried treasure expedition as another--but how many league points of "traveling around the ocean" does it take to contribute one action toward your Seal? Enough to move your standing a notch up the rung, from, say, Obscure to Rumored? These questions require further research to settle definitively. Data contributions are appreciated on the Yppedia discussion pages, in the Puzzle Pirates forums, and of course right here in the comments below.

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