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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Drive more traffic to your blog
Drive more traffic to your blog

Blogs are everywhere these days. There are literally millions of articles written each and every day. So how do you write content that is fresh and engages your audience? How do you come up with ideas that will drive more people to your blog? The list below will help you create dynamic blog posts each week that will have your audience coming back for more.

How-To Blogs

The most effective tool for blogging is to write a how-to or a tutorial. Most people's search queries involve some sort of how-to information such as "how to tie a tie" or "how to get out of debt". Your potential and existing customers are the same. They have a question or problem and you can provide the answer for them in a blog. You can write a step-by-step article that walks them through the whole solution. How-to blogs speak to your knowledge in your particular industry and will have people turning to you for information and problem solving. It will also showcase your expertise and build credibility.

A Creative List

Drive traffic to your blog by creating a "Top Tips For..." list or a "Top Reasons Why..." list. Your readers will love turning to your blog to read these easy numbered lists. They can share them and put them into action. Be sure to pick a list that is unique and relevant to your industry.

Resource List

Experts and pros write blogs all the time. Why not share their information with your target audience? Resource blog posts share other people's content and are ideal if you are just learning about a category. Why not share your research with your readers? You can also ask experts in a certain field for helpful tips and then weave those tips into a new blog. Experts will generally promote your post for you if you share their list with your audience.

Doing Something Old in a New Way

Oftentimes what your target audience is craving is guidance and direction. If you have an innovative way of doing something, why not share it. A good shortcut that makes the process easier or doing something more efficiently makes you knowledgeable and people will turn to you again and again when they need something. A nice touch would be to add a printable PDF with your company information on it.

Video Blogs

What if you really just don’t feel like writing a blog this week? Consider filming a video blog instead. A video is a unique and different way to engage your readers. Posting a video every now and then keeps your blog from growing stagnant. You can choose any topic on this list, then hit record button and you are on your way! Editing your video and making sure it looks professional ensures that it will make the most impact. Embedding your videos in an article on your own blog is another idea. You can surround the video with content copy that pertains to your subject matter. Visitors will, in turn, spend more time on your site.

Guest Posts

Recruiting an expert to write a blog for your site gives you fresh content and the best part is you don't have to write it yourself! Don't forget that you will still need to set up editorial guidelines, go over the article and make sure the post is original. Keep in mind that many guest bloggers want to promote their own site and want to drive traffic to it. By writing valuable and amazing content on a regular basis, your readers will keep coming back to your site.


Review blogs are everywhere. You can find reviews of books, restaurants, beauty products and pretty much anything else out there. Many times, reviewing a product will get you free samples which is always fun and can be turned into more blog posts. Consumers appreciate a fair review blog post since they don't have time to test each and every product in a category. You can also write a blog where you review 2 similar products or services and see how they match up to each other. This will drive a lot of traffic to your site.


A good infographic can save you from writer's block. Readers enjoy them because they are easy to read and fun to share. After you have found one you like, you can embed a code into your post and add a bit of content to provide context for your readers.


If you just came from an informative conference relating to your industry or watched a great video, why not blog about that. You can provide a break-down or recap of the video or event that is easier for the average person to follow. They will enjoy being able to just read a summary and then go on with their day.

Conduct Interviews

Interviewing industry leaders or satisfied customers is a idea for blogging. It provides a new perspective that you can share with your target audience. Be creative with your interview blog. You can do it as text, audio or even video. Be sure and take into consideration which option most caters to your audience's needs. The person(s) you interview might also decide to share your blog with others once it has been published.

So there you have it. Plenty of blog post ideas for you to write about and engage with your readers. Good luck and happy writing!

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