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How to drink more water

How to drink more water
How to drink more water
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When it comes to drinking more water; there are guidelines like drink 64oz., or half your body weight in ounces of water. For those who find it difficult it's not the measurement of water that's important. What is important is how to drink more water. It's how to get that much water down with all of the other drinks available.

Where to start: One plus One

The thought of drinking a half gallon of water is overwhelming if you've never done it before. It really puts a new spin on the "glass is half full" mantra. However, starting small can make a big difference.

Start small if you're not used to drinking a lot of water. You don't need to be "hardcore" and carry a one gallon jug of water every where you go. For the most part, you'll quickly tire of the whole water drinking process this way.

Instead, add a single bottle of water into your day until you acclimate to the increase in water. If you normally drink one glass of water, which is not unusual for some people, add another glass. Once you're acclimated to two glasses; add a third glass. Keep adding a glass of water until you get to the recommended amount, or until you reach the amount of water needed to stay properly hydrated.

Start your day with water

Increase water intake by drinking water as soon as you get up. Water replenishes your body of water loss from basic bodily functions such as sweating, breathing and urination. Start each day with a 20oz. bottle of water if you're not used to doing this. Move on to a bigger amount as you become used to it.

It's also important to drink water first thing in the morning if you are a coffee, tea or soda drinker. Each contains caffeine; a natural diuretic which can aid in dehydration. The consequences of dehydration can be severe. Headaches, dizziness and lack of proper metabolic function are just a few things that can ensue.

Replace or alternate water with sugary drinks

Start replacing your sodas, juices and coffees with water. This doesn't mean to replace all of them, but cut back slowly. Alternate one glass of water with any non-water drink you have. This will certainly increase your water intake, and help with proper hydration.

Change your habits to drink more water

The 21-Day Myth is just that- it's a myth. It can take much longer, or less, to create a habit. Why? Because even the best intentions for the best habits can be a struggle. It's easy to break the good habit cycle and fall back into your comfort zone with bad habits. It's also easy to do this several times before a habit becomes second nature.

Instead, push through the habits one day at a time. Each day you drink more water is another day conquered. For days you falter; remember that this is normal, and everyone has done this. The difference is continuing the good habit even after having a bad day or five.

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