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How to dress for your body type


  Source: Steal Their Style

Just being thin is enough to look great in clothes, right?  Wrong!  How is it that a woman can be super thin but still not look great in her outfits, while a woman who has plenty of extra curves on her looks stunning every time you see her?  The key is to dress for your body type.  A woman who consistently looks good in her clothes knows how to dress for her  particular shape. 

While every woman has a completely different body, there are some basic guidelines you can use to enhance your shape.
What is the shape of your body?  How can you look your best?

Here are 4 Basic Body Types:

Apple- A woman who carries her weight in her stomach and chest, and tends to have smaller hips, thights and buttocks is an apple-shape. She should choose clothes that make her look longer in her upper body- for example, wearing V-neck shirts and sweaters.  It is also helpful to use a belt slung lower at an angle to create a v-shape at her waist and create a feminine curve.

Famous Apple Shapes:
Drew Barrymore, Dolly Parton, Jennifer Hudson

Pear- This woman is smaller in her upper body, chest, stomach and waist, and has larger hips, thighs and buttocks.  She can balance out her look by choosing outfits that emphasize her upper body, wearing brighter colors and patterns on top , and wearing dark colors on the bottom.  She can also emphasize her upper body and face by wearing outfits that really highlight the face and layer her tops to create the illusion of a more balanced figure.

Famous Pear Shapes:
Christina Hendricks, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson

Hourglass- A woman who has a fairly equal size upper and lower body, with a taper at the waist and a full bust line is considered an hourglass shape.  Sometimes she is considered curvy.  
She can emphasize her shape by wearing outfits that taper in at her waist to show off her nice curve.  She is also good with soft, feminine looks that enhance her bust line and booty.  She should stay away from anything that doesn't show off her waistline, or she will look like a big box.

Famous Hourglass shapes:
Salma Hayek, Marilyn Monroe

Ruler- The woman who is generally the same size from head to toe is a ruler.  She might be on the thin side and look more athletic.  This woman should wear outfits that are more feminine, to balance out the more boyish look of her body.  She can choose outfits that create a waistline for her and a curve to her body like a top that wraps around her waist or adding a belt.  

Famous Ruler Shapes:
Sandra Bullock, Kate Moss

The key is to discern which body type you are, then recruit your friends and fashionistas to help you dress your best.  Once you know the guidelines of what will help balance you out and make you look even more fabulous than you already are, get shopping!


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