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How to dress for a formal concert

black tie
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

I am attending Georgetown University's partnered concert with the Kennedy Center of the arts for Martin Luther King day. More than anything I am excited to serve that day. I look forward to volunteering with the shelter; last year I was with some friends and we painted an elementary school. That was fun and I remember getting one of my favorite jeans soiled in paint, I wore that jean back home with pride, because I was happy a young child could study better in a brighter, neater class. If you are like me, a college male first timer to formal concerts, then read on to discover how to overcome the sartorial challenge of a formal concert. Being invited to this event I scoured the web doing research for how to dress for a concert. Would it be opera-dress code or is it a free-for-all dress event? Unfortunately the Kennedy center had no specifics for the dress-code, perhaps the marketing director assumed the concert targets the already very sartorially inclined. I looked across the web to find out what exactly entails a concert attire. I found it to be midway between white-tie and black-tie. The order of the day if you have a concert invitation is semi-formal.

When you get a concert invitation it is best to first inquire of the dress code. If the dress code is not explicitly stated on the invitation, then research the performer or the host. Do they have a history of putting up formal affairs? What is the traditional dress code for the events held in the past. Knowing the legacy of Georgetown and the prestigious Kennedy center, it was proper to assume the evening attire was formal.

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