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How to draw Pidgey

If you’re a fan of Pokémon then you'll enjoy watching this video from Sketch Heroes, They will teach you how to draw Pidgey from the show Pokémon on your computer.

Pidgey is a flying type Pokémon which later evolves into Pideotto and then Pidgeot.

Pidgey is seen on 11 different Pokémon cards in the trading card game since its start in Japan in 1996.

Pidgey appears in the very first anime episode of Pokémon (Pokémon! I Choose You!). In which Ash Ketchum tries to catch a Pidgey but Pikachu doesn't do what he says allowing it to escape. Pidgey can be seen periodically throughout the Pokémon series, Manga and games.

Other Notable Episodes Pidgey has appeared in are:

  • In episode 164 (Carrying On!) – A group of Pidgey were used as carrier mail-pidgey owned by Malachi.
  • And in episode 245 (Will the Real Oak Please stand up?) – Where professor Oak catches one just before the episode begins and later uses it to blast Team Rocket away.

If you don’t have a computer there are other ways to draw Pidgey. There are plenty of books on how to draw Pokémon. You can even go to your local library to find books or use their computers. Hope you enjoy drawing pidgey, and any other Pokémon.

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